Through the rapid deployment of experienced, pre-screened personnel, this technology firm enables customers to meet projects goals and deadlines and address critical staffing needs while maintaining headcount, payroll and administrative flexibility.

According to company’s vice president/chief project officer (CPO), “We adopted new cubicle designs over the past few years. Like so many sales/service companies we moved to lower partition heights in an effort to create a more collaborative work environment. Who expected that this configuration would work against us in this COVID-19 world we live in now?”

With the team returning to the office, the company needed to make changes to workspaces to comply with CDC guidelines and create safe, healthy environments for employees.

In the chief project officer’s own words:

I was tasked with safely bringing our employees back into the office. As a preeminent provider of highly skilled technical staffing solutions in life sciences and technology and the engineering marketplace, we realized that collaboration is vital in delivering the best possible resources to our clients. Providing safety shielding for our employees, yet not hampering their collaborative process, required thinking outside of the box. We contacted [another provider] to discuss glass extensions to our existing workspaces. These permanently metal framed glass panels were quoted at over $500 per workstation. We were looking for a less permanent solution; we didn’t want to change the look of the office — not to mention there’s the $75,000 price tag.”

DGI’s line of budget-friendly, custom workplace safety products includes workstation dividers available in three sizes. When the CPO spoke with Trevor Godfrey at DGI regarding COVID-19 signage for their offices, the topic of alternative Plexiglas solutions came up.

“Over the following week and multiple conversations, we developed a Plexiglas solution that can be temporary until this crisis passes or can be kept up indefinitely and still retain the clean look of our offices. The final solution we developed costs somewhere between 75-80% less than the cost of the permanent solution.”

DGI’s partnership with this technology firm illustrates a commitment to serve each business with creative solutions tailored to their needs. From consultation to design, installation through support, DGI is dedicated to its clients and their visions.

The company was able to apply the knowledge they gained during the installation at their corporate headquarters to similar projects at their other locations. DGI worked with them to ensure their project ran smoothly, and that they were able to replicate the installations on their own.

“Being the first to do this was not without a few challenges but DGI worked with us to resolve any issues,” the CPO said. “We installed these in our corporate headquarters in Andover and overcame any obstacles during that time. Our Florida and Arizona office installations were extremely smooth and relatively easy using our own staff.”

If your business needs out of-the-box signage and workplace safety solutions for the COVID-19 world, contact DGI to explore your options today.

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