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Unite Your Team with Clear Dividers and Helpful Signage for a Healthy Return to the Office

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Author: Glen Fairbanks | President
Unite Your Team with Clear Dividers and Helpful Signage for a Healthy Return to the Office

As companies return to the office after COVID-19-related work-from-home orders and furloughs are lifted, employers must prepare workspaces to ensure safety, wellness and productivity.

Your office space will certainly require adjustments to meet CDC guidelines and best practices.  This may include shields that keep employees separated by workspace. Whether you have a traditional office of cubicles and conference rooms or a retail store with registers, custom shields can keep your team protected.

Along with dividers, prominent workplace signage can also be a powerful tool to provide critical clarity, direction and reminders about the importance of following guidelines and restrictions.  Walls aren’t enough to keep people comfortable.

Workspaces — reception desks, meeting and conference rooms, shared offices, cubicles, break rooms and restrooms — have specific needs; DGI is here to meet those needs with a suite of customizable solutions for your offices spaces. Examples include:

  • Workstation dividers and face shields: Three divider sizes provide your employees with protection during transactions and customer service interactions or between cubicles and other workspaces. Face shields protect first-responders, frontline health workers and others with elevated exposure to infection.

  • Window decals: Remind employees to wipe down areas, practice optimal hand washing and sanitizer use, wear masks, etc. Decals can remind people to use designated entrances and exits and to check in with reception or security associates. They can also remind everyone to practice responsible social distancing.

  • Table tent cards and stickers: Remind those using shared surfaces to demonstrate best handwashing and mask-wearing practices and to wipe down surfaces. The cards and stickers can also remind people to wear masks and observe touch-free technology zones.

  • Room, door and elevator graphics: Offer wayfinding options, especially as traffic patterns and occupancy capacities for corridors, stairwells, elevators, meeting rooms and other shared spaces change. Also, you can designate areas that are off limits.


  • Floor graphics: Remind employees and visitors to keep their distance and follow traffic patterns.


  • Restroom and cafeteria signage: Remind everyone to wash their hands and observe proper hygiene standards.

  • Stairway directional graphics: These are specifically designed to promote compliance with traffic patterns and occupancy in stairwells.

By planning ahead and choosing eye-catching, informative signage, paired with installed dividers and shields, you can safeguard your workforce’s productivity, wellness and comfort as the office reopens. DGI is ready to assist you in conveying your healthy, wellness-centered message. Contact us today to learn more.

Custom Exterior Signage to Welcome Employees & Customers Back to Your Business

After a few months of working from home, many employees can’t wait to get back into the office. But they’re understandably nervous about what the workplace will look like. As businesses reopen following COVID-19-related closures, companies must prepare for customers and employees to safely return while ensuring wellness, comfort and confidence. Every person entering a business or organization should feel welcomed and comfortable.

Prominent workplace signage is a powerful tool for providing clear instruction and reminders about the importance of following the guidelines.

Before anyone enters your business, they will need to know the rules. Specific exterior signage is an effective way to communicate these rules, and DGI members are available to provide a suite of professional, customizable artwork for your exterior spaces. Examples include:

  • Exterior flags and banners offer an eye-catching welcome to let customers know about adjusted services and the direction of foot and vehicular traffic.
  • Yard and sidewalk signs remind visitors about mask requirements and social distancing. They can also alert customers to changes they may encounter, and direct the flow of traffic.
  • Window decals remind employees and guests to practice optimal hygiene (handwashing, mask use, hand sanitizer use, wiping down areas, etc.), to use designated employee and public entrances, to check in with reception or security associates, and to practice responsible social distancing.
  • Door graphics assist with traffic patterns and occupancy limit changes and designate off-limits areas.
  • Barrier stand systems provide signage while physically designating off-limits areas or enforcing queues.

Messages can be unifying such as “we’re in this together!” as well as something practical, such as “please wash your hands.” By implementing a range of exterior and interior artwork signage, you can protect and inform your employees and customers as your business reopens. DGI is here to help you promote your healthy, health-centered message. Contact us today to learn more.

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Glen Fairbanks | President

Glen joined DGI in 1994, just as the large format digital printing industry was emerging. He was originally hired as a telemarketer, quickly rose to inside sales, then managed the customer service department. From there, Glen moved to outside sales, becoming a top performer and exceeding goals by selling over a million dollars several years in a row.

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