Healthcare Communication Systems
Integrated Healthcare Communications

Just as every patient is unique, so is every healthcare facility. We approach each project with the experience and unmatched expertise required to design, install and service your healthcare communication systems.

Whether you need patient-to-staff or staff-to-staff communications, emergency notifications or informational presentations, we evaluate your unique requirements and then create customized plans that best fit your needs and budget requirements. You’ll be at the leading edge of evolving healthcare communication technologies with the help of our select, best-in-class manufacturers.

Products & Services Overview
Healthcare Communication Systems

Our healthcare communication and prevention systems include:

  • Nurse Call/Emergency Call
  • Electronic Whiteboards
  • Video Conferencing for Telehealth
  • Real-Time Locating (RTLS)
  • Infant & Pediatric Protection
  • Wander Management
  • Hospital-Grade Televisions
  • Android-Powered Infection-Control TVs
  • Content Management Software for Patient TVs
  • Mobile Phone Solutions
  • Workflow Stations
  • Speech Privacy/Sound Masking
  • Digital Signage
  • 24/7/365 Onsite Emergency Service
  • Preventive Maintenance and Service Agreements
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    West-Com Nurse Call Systems

    West-Com offers healthcare organizations powerful tools designed to improve patient safety, healthcare communications and clinical workflow across the care continuum. Their innovative sustainable solutions help improve patient outcomes, the healthcare environment and lives of residents living in senior living communities.

    West-Com Advantages include:

  • No reoccurring licensing fees – West-Com does not require customers to pay reoccurring licensing fees for their products
  • Free lifetime training – West-Com offers technical training courses to their customers at no additional charge for the life of the system
  • Future proof systems – West-Com provides an upgrade path for systems to help protect your investment
  • No middleware – West-Com provides direct integrations to other hospital systems. Third party middleware is not required
  • Lower lifetime cost – No middleware + Future proof systems + Free lifetime training + No reoccurring licensing fees = Lower Lifetime Cost
  • westcall nurse
    Patient CareBoard™

    The Patient CareBoard replaces the grease board that is typically mounted in the patient room. It is used to display a patient’s caregivers’ names, status, room and unit information and care plan information. Its web browser-based application displays patient-care information on a monitor inside the patient’s room. The clinical data set is defined by each facility and can be configured by nursing unit or condition. Patient CareBoard information is updated through system integrations or by staff members using the CareBoard’s web entry application. The web entry application runs in a browser window and can be utilized on any computer where a web browser can operate like a charting station.

    westcom - patient care board2
    Unit CareBoard™

    This Unit CareBoard is a web browser-based application replaces the tracking board usually mounted on each nursing unit behind the nurses’ station. Its data set is defined by each nursing unit. Common configurations include: patient/staff assignments, discharges and transfers, patient status, room status and call activity. A live dashboard can also be included on the Unit CareBoard showing measurements such as unit census, call volume and response times. Unit CareBoard information is updated through system integrations or by staff members using the CareBoard’s web entry application.

    unit careboard - Westcall
    i-Dome Workflow Station

    The Workflow Station is a powerful communication and collaboration tool used to set care reminders, collaborate with team members and communicate with other services such as EVS, Lab, Imaging and Transportation. Rounding time periods are configurable and can be set for multiple care providers. Use the Workflow Station to maximize compliance when implementing multi-discipline rounding standards. Workflow Stations are an effective tool in reducing the risk hospital-acquired conditions.

    idome - westcall nurse call
    Video Conferencing for Telehealth

    Zoom telehealth reliably delivers consistent clinical user experiences, seamlessly integrates into your technology and workflows, and keeps you connected and compliant. With high quality video, even in low-bandwidth environments, organizations can support healthcare teams and patients around the globe. Most importantly, Zoom achieves HIPAA (signed BAA) and PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance with complete end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, and allows clinical staff to launch a video visit directly from the Epic applications’ telehealth workflows.

    zoom telehealth
    Infant & Pediatric Protection

    Providing protection and peace of mind for your most vulnerable patients. The KinderGUARD™ infant security solution enables the most comprehensive protection possible. This system enhances your rigorous safety protocols to aid in the prevention of potential abductions and mother/baby mix-ups. Top-of-the line protection via cutband technology means you're alerted as soon as a transmitter is tampered with or removed. Active monitoring ensures the baby tag is in constant communication with the system and an alarm is triggered if this communication stops.

    Wander Management

    Ensure the best protection of the loved ones entrusted to your care. The Door GUARDIAN™ wander management solution helps ensure the protection of your high-risk residents and patients. Wandering residents can find themselves in unsafe areas of a facility or eloping from the building entirely unnoticed. Reduce the likelihood of dangerous elopement situations by securing doors and restricting access to certain areas - all while allowing residents to maintain their dignity and freedom of movement.

    Hospital-Grade TVs & Content Management

    Android-Powered Infection-Control TVs
    The HCI RoomMate TV is specifically engineered for healthcare facilities. These connected devices run on the Android operating system; feature infection-control glass that can be properly sanitized; offer a built-in web browser; and can be pre-loaded with a variety of multimedia content to help healthcare facilities better educate, entertain, and inform their patients. These unique features combine to help hospitals increase patient satisfaction, decrease readmission rates, and improve HCAHPS scores.

    MediaCare Content Management Software
    MediaCare is HCI's most advanced education, entertainment and content management solution for the patient. It delivers innovative patient engagement and clinical management tools to healthcare facilities both large and small. Remotely administer & control your in-room patient televisions while delivering personalized education and information to your patients. MediaCare is compatible with HCI’s other products such as the HUB set top box, RoomMate TVs, BedMate TVs, and Wall Displays.

    MediaCare content mgt solution - Healthcare
    Mobile Communication Solutions

    Versity Clinical Smartphone
    New treatments, technologies and data sources are redefining how healthcare is delivered. Clinicians are required to communicate, collaborate and securely access sensitive data while providing exceptional patient care in increasingly mobile environments. Versity, Spectralink’s newest clinical smartphone, helps to eliminate information silos, putting access to new apps and services directly into the hands of caregivers. Versity also provides clinicians with critical collaboration tools, voice coverage throughout the entire facility, and real-time access to data in a secure Android phone. Healthcare employees finally have a clinical phone that is tailored to their specific workplace needs.

    Sound Masking/Speech Privacy

    Sound Masking helps patients to get a good night’s sleep by reducing noise and distractions. The results are increased HCAHPS scores and an overall improvement in the patient experience. In the clinical environment, sound masking provides a key element to HIPAA compliance by reducing the intelligibility of conversations in order to protect patient confidentiality. Administrative areas can also benefit from sound masking. Adding a sound masking system to open and private offices cuts down on office distractions, increases productivity, and helps protect patient information.

    Speech Privacy
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