Healthcare Communication Systems
Integrated Healthcare Communications

Just as every patient is unique, so is every healthcare facility. We approach each project with the experience and unmatched expertise required to design, install and service your healthcare communication systems.

Whether you need patient-to-staff or staff-to-staff communications, emergency notifications or informational presentations, we evaluate your unique requirements and then create customized plans that best fit your needs and budget requirements. You’ll be at the leading edge of evolving healthcare communication technologies with the help of our select, best-in-class manufacturers.

Products & Services Overview
Healthcare Communication Systems

Our healthcare communication and prevention systems include:

  • Real-time locating
  • Sound masking and speech privacy
  • Infant abduction prevention
  • Nurse call systems
  • Infection control TVs
  • Nurse rounding timers
  • Electronic white boards
  • Custom preventive maintenance and service level agreements
  • Hospital-grade televisions
  • Digital signage
  • Speech privacy
  • SMATV headend systems
  • Seamless integrations to many other systems
  • BO7B9173
    Patient Care Boards

    Patient care boards keep communication lines open and help ensure that patients and staff are on the same page. These boards can also boost staff efficiency and keep patients informed along the way by communicating important reminders, updates, requests and general information to assigned staff.

    Features include:

  • Ties to nurse calls
  • Set schedules for therapy, diagnostics, etc.
  • Call assurance window
  • Customization options to meet facilities’ needs and requests
  • 22-inch or 25-inch monitors with portrait orientation
  • Dimmer features for night settings
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    Unit CareBoard™ Displays

    Unit CareBoard displays replace your old-fashioned grease boards. Boards are designed for hallways or nursing areas and can display current status information like assignments, patient statuses and other customizable fields to help maximize organization and time spent on responses. Any updates to bed assignments, staffing, patient info or other changes can be made through the web interface FocusCare® masters, ADT or other methods and then reflected on the Unit CareBoard display.

    unit careboard - Westcall
    i-Dome® Touch

    An intuitive, colorful and easy-to-use design, the i-Dome Touch allows caregivers to optimize workflows and increase staff efficiency. The platform provides clinical connectivity that can revolutionize nurse communication systems to help increase patient satisfaction, improve staff response time and advance communication.

    Notable features:

  • Clear, easy to read, capacitive touch screen
  • Configurable to display patient attributes and room status as well as patient discharge function
  • Assists in staff-to-staff communication with respect to transportation, EVS, Rapid Response, Code Teams and other orders
  • Easy-to-set timers allow for automatic notifications including pain medication reassessment, rounding, vitals check, general prep and turnover
  • Supports multiple states and can cycle between 15 colors to illustrate several status issues
  • Multiple layer task selection allows for specific and easy room requests
  • A standalone option is available, which is not dependent upon a nurse call system
  • Remote capabilities for activating room and patient statuses via a web interface using an IP-based software system
  • Integrated mini-dome and speaker for call annunciation
  • Dimmer available for night settings
  • Transport, procedure and equipment paging requests
  • idome - westcall nurse call
    HCI Televisions

    HCI television systems, including the RoomMate TV, are specifically engineered for healthcare facilities. DGI devices are built using the Android OS and can seamlessly integrate with these systems to help facilities provide better patient education, entertainment and communication. These enhancements can improve the overall patient experience, decrease readmission rates and help facilities improve HCAHPS scores.

    HCI roommate tv - Healthcare
    MediaCare® Content Management Solution

    HCI's most advanced education, entertainment and content management solution for patients is MediaCare 3.0. The system offers hospitals an enterprise-level solution to address some of the most significant challenges in the healthcare industry, including remote administration for in-room televisions and the ability to deliver personalized communication to patients. MediaCare is also compatible with HUB, RoomMate televisions and Android BedMates.

    Features include:

    • On-demand education and information for patients and caregivers
    • Service delivery and recovery features
    • Push delivery of patient-specific information like educational resources and discharge plans
    • Satisfaction surveys and comprehension testing
    • Automated clinical workflows and EMR documentation
    • Incorporation of hospital branding and revenue generation opportunities for auxiliary services such as pharmacy, gift shop and cafe
    • Enterprise-level interoperability with EMR, ADT, pharmacy, dietary and other hospital technology systems
    • Access to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and thousands of other Android apps
    • Remote network clone and software updates

    MediaCare’s design makes compliance tracking and automated documentation quick and easy, which aids in discharge planning and can reduce the average length of stay for patients.

    MediaCare content mgt solution - Healthcare

    West-Com understands the communication challenges that the healthcare industry faces, and all of their products reflect the valuable research that’s conducted and the ideas and input they gather from a variety of healthcare professionals at every level, including nurses, bio-med specialists, hospital administrators, engineers, and of course patients themselves. DGI can help your space with the necessary products to streamline communication in your medical environment to add valuable flexibility and quality to your workplace. Whether it is to increase the facility’s response time to patient requests, reduce floor noise, increase staff productivity, improve communication tools, or to have accurate patient and staffing reports, our communication professionals can help you create solutions that work.

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