ZiipRoom™ Meeting Software

One consistent meeting experience for all of your rooms!
DGI and ZiipRoom have partnered together to deliver the best meeting experience ever.

We understand the importance of reliable, unified communications for flawless meetings. ZiipRoom is the only software solution built to help you conduct consistent, simple, productive meetings across all of your huddle rooms. Plus, it’s free from vendor lock-in!


As an official reseller of ZiipRoom, we’re ready to help businesses of any size improve the user experience and better connect people with technology.

By implementing ZiipRoom meeting software from DGI, your workplace can:

  • Manage meetings from your own devices.
  • Enjoy one-click access to video conferencing, phone calls and presentations.
  • Support multiple UC platforms (GoToMtg, SfB, Zoom, etc) simultaneously.
  • Utilize a cloud-based solution that’s always up to date.
  • Get started in minutes!
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