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When an LED Wall Makes Sense for Your Church

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Author: Glen Fairbanks | President
When an LED Wall Makes Sense for Your Church

For the past two decades, houses of worship have engaged their congregations by adding visual elements to their services. Projectors and white screens now take eyes out of the hymnal and up to wall-projected content. In recent years, many churches have taken their services to the next level by installing LED video walls in their sanctuaries. Video walls let you to share customized videos, images, scrolling text (like scripture or lyrics), live feeds and other content, transforming your worship service from ordinary to extraordinary.

There are some significant advantages to LED video walls over other display options, including:

  • They are surprisingly affordable. Costs for LED walls have decreased substantially and projection can actually be expensive. When a bulb or projector fails, the replacement costs can be prohibitive. LED video walls are modular, so a panel or even a bulb can be swapped out at a lower expense.
  • They consume less power. LEDs consume 40% less energy than projectors, LCDs and plasma TVs.
  • They are brighter and easier to see for congregants. Traditional projection may lack the brightness in your space for easy reading and engagement.
  • They last longer than projectors. LED walls have 2-3x the lifespan of a projection set up.

Let’s take a look at when an LED video wall can be an ideal solution for your congregation and what the advantages are of installing one.DGI_ItalyChurch_Install


  • A worship band is a critical part of your experience. Many houses of worship have instilled contemporary elements to their services, particularly with live music. Along with sharing words for attendees to sing along, the brighter and vibrant LED video production experience brings the music to life, much like a live concert.
  • Your sanctuary needs a freshening up. Renovations can be expensive and many elements of houses of worship like pews, altars and high ceilings are traditional. Installing a video wall instantly modernizes your presentation.
  • You’ve expanded your space. While LED walls can be customized to any space, larger spaces work very well with these brighter, scalable solutions. If you plan to grow, LED walls can be easily expanded or dismantled and relocated to your new space.

When might an LED video wall might not make sense:

  • Your services are much more traditional. Conventional projection screens may raise or lower out of sight, while LED walls are stationary and take longer to remove.
  • You’ve just invested in a projection set up. LED walls and projectors can work in tandem (LED video in the middle, projection to the side of the stage), but some congregations may want get some use out of a new projector before a new solution is installed.
  • You don’t currently have the resources to design dynamic content. If you’re currently just showing black text on a white PowerPoint screen, an LED wall may not be the best investment. There are third-party companies that make beautiful content for your service, like Church Motion Graphics, and you may be able to leverage design expertise from within your congregation.

Engaging and inspiring your members and guests is critical in your service. At DGI, we take a customized and personal approach to design, installation and service. We will strive to be good stewards of your project and align any LED video wall solution with your church’s budget, message and vision. Contact us today to get started.


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Glen Fairbanks | President

Glen joined DGI in 1994, just as the large format digital printing industry was emerging. He was originally hired as a telemarketer, quickly rose to inside sales, then managed the customer service department. From there, Glen moved to outside sales, becoming a top performer and exceeding goals by selling over a million dollars several years in a row.

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