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DGI Invisuals Print Division Joins Kirkwood

On November 2, we announced the sale of our Invisuals division to Kirkwood, a premier full-service visual communications provider. This milestone represents an exciting shift for us, empowering a focus on our core strengths — delivering high-quality audio-visual integrations, consulting, and technology solutions for our clients.

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You want your space to look and sound great. DGI turns sound absorption solutions into an art form,  improving the sound quality and aesthetics of any space. Whether you choose a fully customized installation or a flexible, personalized out-of-the-box acoustic treatment, our Acousti-Print and Primacoustics solutions enhance your overall environment to promote a healthy and efficient workplace, classroom or retail business.

With companies increasingly relying on technology to enhance internal and external communication, environmental acoustics are often overlooked.

Consider the many noises you encounter in an office environment: the low hum of computers, loud-typing and constant notifications, heating and ventilation, printers whirring and clicking, pens tapping, ringing phones, conversations, even people moving in to, out of, and around the room. Speech is still our predominant method of communication, whether between individuals in the office, around the conference room table, or via video conferencing. Any space where noise causes distraction or disruption is a candidate for sound absorption products.

Having no control over the noise level causes stress, frustration, fatigue and distraction, making sound absorption a key design element for successful, productive workplaces, from healthcare and hospitality to offices and schools. Sound absorption solutions use soft, air-trapping surfaces to absorb mid-to higher-frequency sound in your space, resulting in a much more satisfying and comfortable environment.

The quality of your current acoustics can be measured and tested. Our experts can perform a RT60 Sound test to see how your spaces perform* in order to provide a custom recommendation that’s right for your organization’s needs. You’ll get a room acoustics report to determine how to best mitigate your acoustic challenges, and rest easy with sound advice from DGI.

*Reverberation time is a measure of the time required for the sound to “fade away” in an enclosed area after the source of the sound has stopped. When it comes to accurately measuring reverberation time with a meter, the term T30, T20 or RT60 (an abbreviation for Reverberation Time 60dB) is used. T30/T20/RT60 provides an objective reverberation time measurement.

Products & Services Overview

Sustainable Sound Panels

Sustainable Sound panels are an eco-friendly, highly customizable sound absorption product option. The panels are made from sheets of a competitively priced polyester fiber sourced from recycled plastic and can be cut to any shape for dynamic geometric and dimensional installations or as traditional wall mounted panels.

Like AcoustiPrint panels, Sustainable Sound does not require any specific pre-existing infrastructure. Your panels can display custom images, branding, text, or logos, as well as interior wall palette colors.



Acousti-Print panels are fully customizable sound absorption products able to fit and optimize the room acoustics for any space. Acousti-Print products can be fabricated for new or existing spaces, and once installed, the visual element
can be changed without uninstalling the sound absorption panel.

The panels do not require any specific pre-existing infrastructure, and your designs can range from corporate branding, text, or logos to interior wall palette colors.

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Primacoustic Sound Absorption Panels

Similar to Acousti-Print, Primacoustic panels are fully customizable sound absorption products able to fit into and optimize the room acoustics for any space.

Unlike Acousti-Print, Primacoustic panels come in set sizes and can be applied to walls or ceilings in a custom configuration to fit your space.


Sound Paneling for Various Applications

Acoustic art panels are ideal for a variety of spaces and environments, including offices, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, retail spaces, yoga studios, classrooms, restaurants and more.

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