AV as a Service

The Smart Way to Pay for Audio Visual Technology Solutions

What Is AV as a Service?

AV as a Service, also known as AVaaS, is an agreement that bundles your audio visual technology solutions and support services into a convenient monthly payment option. This solution is offered exclusively through DGI Communications.

AVaaS provides organizations with more freedom, control and the ability to stay on the leading edge of the technologies they need to thrive. AVaaS is becoming the preferred way to pay for technology versus capital expense payment options such as leasing, bank loans and cash purchases. Shield allows you to avoid significant upfront costs and meet all of your AV needs with a subscription model that also enables you to remain nimble as technology and your AVaaS needs continue to evolve.

This helps you remain highly competitive by preventing obsolete technology from creating a bottleneck in your growth opportunities.


Is AVaaS the Right Choice for You?

The way we buy technology has changed. AVaaS provides peace of mind to grow and evolve your technology as you do the same. This kind of flexibility is ideal for remaining competitive.

Owning technology prevents you from being agile in the market because it lacks flexibility and can bottleneck your growth. If you are less concerned with ownership and need to focus on technology outcomes, access and usage, AVaaS is the better way to pay.

Download our flyer to learn how to get started with AVaaS today.

NOTE: AVaaS is available to you in collaboration with our financing partnership with TAMCO .

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Key Features of AVaaS
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