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Add Intrigue to the Mundane

Since 2008, DGI has been at the forefront of the transformation and evolution of the audio visual industry. One of the most impressive technological impacts you can make is with an LED video wall, which offers a vast range of options and adds intrigue to presentations, advertisements and movies.

Additionally, LED video walls can:

  • Be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Be touch-sensitive and interactive
  • Create one large image or have virtually unlimited images (multi-view)

Video walls can be anything from a few panels to hundreds of panels in almost any configuration that you can imagine. LED video walls now can include curves and even be transparent!

Contact DGI if you require any of the following:

  • Audio or video conferencing capabilities for a conference room or boardroom
  • Integrated visual displays and sound systems for a theater, auditorium or classroom
  • Room system controls for a conference center

Find the Best LED Video Wall That Fits Your Budget

Discover the best digital solution for your business with our video wall calculator.

Need your LED video wall in a hurry? No worries! While some AV integrators take up to a year to get your LED panels DGI can deliver your custom order in as little as 30 days.  Our exclusive partnerships get us to the front of the line so you don’t have to wait.

Like any other type of customized technology, the cost of an LED video wall will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Pixel density
  • Display size
  • Curved, flat or transparent design
  • Complexity of installation
  • Video processing repairs
  • Indoor or outdoor application
  • Setup

In general, companies usually budget between $50,000 and $350,000 for installation.

Our team will work with you to evaluate, problem solve and offer progressive solutions to fit your unique requirements. Download our Video Wall Buyers Guide: 8 Key Questions and Considerations to get started today!

Choosing a Pixel Pitch or Viewing Distance

In an LED wall, each individual LED is one pixel. The pixel pitch number indicates the distance between LEDs on the wall (in millimeters), which determines the minimum distance a viewer should stand to see the image on the screen. The lower the pixel pitch, the closer together the LEDs are on your display, and the closer your acceptable viewing distance. There are a lot of options, and the right choice will make all the difference for viewers. So, which pixel pitch do you need? Find out here — Your Guide to Pixel Pitch & LED Walls.

Best in Class Equipment, Installed Fast

DGI offers only the best LED walls to meet your needs. And with our exclusive partnerships, we can get your wall delivered in days, compared to weeks or months with other providers. A DGI LED wall is backed by certified specialists that specialize in a wide range of product applications. We have the know-how and innovative solutions to make sure your projects are not only beautiful from the start, but continue to remain stunning throughout the years to come. Whether it is a 1.2 mm need in a boardroom or products up and over 6 mm, we will make your space a place to remember.


EZ LED’s is dedicated to providing high-quality LED screens for various applications worldwide. EZ LED has cost-effective products for indoor and outdoor installation, and many products are patented with independent intellectual property.



NEC's portfolio of high-quality commercial- and professional-grade digital video wall solutions are ideal for dynamic digital signage and informational video wall applications. NEC's exclusive TileMatrix™ and TileComp™ technologies, combined with LED backlighting, high definition resolution and the ultra-narrow bezels, allow for simple installation and bright, astonishing video walls.



Planar brings the latest technology to provide best-in-class image performance with innovative features and leading-edge craftsmanship to the unique needs of every project. From the largest and highest resolution LED video walls or Planar® TVF Series to borderless curved desktop monitors, Planar has a product to suit every customer’s needs.

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LG video walls come in a variety of display types, viewing angles and more. LEG Video Wall panels are designed with commercial-grade durability for up to 24/7 use. Each wall has a comprehensive software solution for easy integration and remote management.

DGI_EnvironmentalGraphicDesign_Digital Signage


Barco’s portfolio of video wall display solutions includes different technologies, sizes and resolutions to ensure the perfect solution for a customer’s application. Barco’s customizable LED video walls are equipped with an intuitive InfinipixTM user interface that can help make setup and maintenance a breeze.



Unilumin offers a wide range of LED display products that provide exceptional image with robust product quality to empower businesses to reach a new level. With cutting-edge technology and customer-centered service, Unilumin has a product to fit your unique needs.

We Love Our Clients

Over the last several years I have worked extensively with DGI Technologies. Their can-do attitude prevails throughout the organization: from management through technicians. Their people refuse to disappoint and do whatever is needed to complete a job correctly, on time and on budget. In every instance I have worked with them, DGI personnel have gone above and beyond any reasonable expectations.

Aaron Henderson
Director of Technical Services, Fiber Next
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