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  • Mike Walsh, CTS-D
    Mike Walsh, CTS-D

    With over 20 years of dedicated experience within the audiovisual industry, Mike Walsh stands as a seasoned veteran in his field. His profound expertise spans across AV design, seamless implementation, unparalleled service, and strategic sales—a comprehensive skill set he now brings to the forefront of DGI Communications.

    Infused with boundless enthusiasm, Mike radiates an infectious high-energy spirit that fuels his role as a dynamic leader. His innate ability to steer innovation gracefully navigates the diverse divisions constituting our company. Notably, Mike spearheaded a team that garnered consecutive recognition as the foremost integration firm in the educational sector nationwide for two consecutive years.

    What truly distinguishes Mike is his deep-rooted grasp of technology—an attribute that elevates him amongst his executive peers. Anchored in his commitment to refining business processes, fostering client relationships, and maintaining unparalleled technical prowess, Mike masterfully positions DGI on a trajectory towards becoming the paramount integrator within the Northeast region.

    Mike’s academic journey, adorned with a bachelor’s degree in music theory and performance from Bridgewater State College, reflects his multifaceted interests and serves as a testament to his continuous pursuit of excellence.

  • David Meneely, President
    David Meneely, President

    With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years in the audiovisual arena, David Meneely stands as a true luminary in the industry. Beginning his journey as a hands-on AV technician, he’s traversed a path that led him through diverse roles encompassing project management, cutting-edge design, intricate programming, and strategic account management. His journey to the top has been punctuated by a string of notable leadership roles, shining a spotlight on his exceptional ability to guide teams towards remarkable achievements.

    Throughout his illustrious career, David has masterminded an array of high-visibility, multi-million-dollar AV projects, showcasing his remarkable acumen for orchestrating the extraordinary. His forte, however, extends beyond projects—David is a connoisseur of cultivating and nurturing teams, a virtuoso in people development, and a maestro of forging enduring partnerships.

    As a hands-on leader, David’s journey imparts him with a unique vantage point—one that’s poised to elevate DGI to new echelons of capability and enhance the customer experience across all touchpoints. His unwavering dedication to excellence forms the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering unparalleled AV solutions.

  • David Goldberg, COO
    Chief Operating Officer
    David Goldberg, COO

    Through an exciting adventure that spans 25 years in the world of audio-visual and communications, David Goldberg emerges as a true trailblazer. His voyage started with the humble beginnings of an AV technician, shaping his expertise from the very foundation. Alongside his professional pursuits, David’s passion for cycling off-road and walking his dogs through the trails infuses his life with vibrant energy.

    Throughout his journey, David embraced a diverse array of roles—from orchestrating projects to sculpting innovative designs, even gaining recognition as a respected Crestron Service Provider.

    A two-decade legacy as a Master Certified Crestron programmer is a testament to his technical mastery. Recently ascending to the role of COO at DGI, David now leads the charge with a focus on successful project implementation, meticulous project financials, and logistical finesse. His strategic leadership and unwavering commitment are driving DGI towards new heights of achievement.

  • Glen Fairbanks
    President of DGI Invisuals
    Glen Fairbanks

    Glen joined DGI in 1994, just as the large format digital printing industry was emerging. He was originally hired as a telemarketer, quickly rose to inside sales, then managed the customer service department. From there, Glen moved to outside sales, becoming a top performer and exceeding goals by selling over a million dollars several years in a row.

    As DGI grew, Glen became involved with the production side of the business. While working as the vice president of operations, he focused on product development, new product introductions, strategic vendor relationships, extensive equipment knowledge and then became a team leader for the production staff — all the while continuing to develop new accounts and remaining in tune with the ever-changing industry. Soon after, Glen became the president of DGI Invisuals. He understands what our clients’ needs are, and is molding the company to fit those needs.

    Glen has his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ( BSBA) from Stonehill College and has received several certifications and accreditations within the field of large format printing.

  • Tom Brunelle
    Chief Financial Officer
    Tom Brunelle

    With a wealth of experience spanning over three decades, Tom joined our ranks in 2020, bringing his invaluable insights to our strategic financial management. Prior to stepping into his current role, he navigated through 35 years of diverse leadership positions in the realm of finance, amassing a treasure trove of expertise.

    Tom’s financial acumen and strategic mindset drive our fiscal success. His analytical insight allows him to forecast trends and optimize resources, while his collaborative approach nurtures strong relationships within our team and industry. Tom’s dedication goes beyond balance sheets, reflecting his commitment to community and industry improvement through boardroom engagement.

    Guided by integrity and foresight, Tom’s role as CFO embodies a steadfast dedication to steering DGI Communications toward a future of financial strength and innovation.

  • Jim Burke
    EVP, Sales & Marketing
    Jim Burke

    Jim Burke’s remarkable journey spans three decades, making him a seasoned veteran in the realm of AV and beyond. His story began as an account manager, immersing himself in the K-12 market, where he honed his skills and quickly developed a talent for forging meaningful relationships. His path meandered through corporate AV, where his knack for cultivating connections continued to flourish.

    A torchbearer of leadership, Jim has orchestrated numerous sales teams with an unwavering passion for nurturing enduring relationships. His standing in the industry is nothing short of exceptional, a testament to his commitment to building trust and rapport.

    With a deep-rooted respect within the industry, Jim thrives on the art of Team Coaching & Development, breathing life into his teams. In his own words, “Success is built upon relationships,” a mantra that resonates through every facet of his journey.

  • Sylvia Mauro
    Senior Vice President - DGI Invisuals
    Sylvia Mauro

    Sylvia E. Mauro has been with the DGI Communications since 1998. She began her career at DGI as a customer service representative and later became the manager of the sales support team and installation departments. Since 2009, Sylvia has served as a senior project manager and account executive for several of DGI’s top clients. As a member of the executive team, Sylvia is instrumental in informing the vision of the company from both a marketing standpoint as well as improving the customer experience.

    Prior to joining DGI, Sylvia held several teaching positions including adjunct professor of photography at the Rhode Island School of Design, photography instructor at the National Cathedral School in Washington D.C. and teaching within the Department of Defense School System in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Sylvia has a bachelor’s degree in media and communications from Framingham State University and a master’s degree in fine art photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

    Sylvia has over 25 years of experience in the visual communications industry. The pairing of her management skills with her creative talents and strategic vision provides DGI and her clients with the skills needed to exceed the demands of today’s marketplace. In her spare time, Sylvia enjoys spending time with her family, photography, playing tennis and fly fishing.

  • Mark Rue
    Mark Rue

    Mark Rue, a seasoned expert with over 15 years of experience in the audio-visual and communications realm, holds a pivotal position within the industry. As one of the founders of DGI, Mark’s journey has been marked by a dedication to sales strategies and account management that has shaped the company’s trajectory.

    His expertise is as expansive as it is comprehensive, having left an indelible mark on every facet of the project implementation process. Mark’s customer-centric ethos and profound grasp of communication technology have been instrumental in elevating DGI to a premier integration force in New England.

    Mark’s enthusiasm knows no bounds—it radiates not only through his relationships but also onto the golf course, where his ardor for competition flourishes. As he nurtures business prospects with clients, vendors, and employees, both regionally and nationally, his contagious passion for communication technology propels DGI’s growth. A holder of a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Florida Atlantic University, Mark Rue’s influence continues to drive DGI to new heights.

  • Alvaro Yurrita, CTS-D
    Chief Technology Officer
    Alvaro Yurrita, CTS-D

    Alvaro has 22 years of experience in the AV field, providing technical, analytical, communications and management talent. Alvaro provides technical expertise in the design of complex AV systems, Control and DSP Programming, AV network design and configuration including Digital Audio, Streaming, Control, VoIP and Unified Communication. Alvaro has helped in the creation of new processes and procedures to improve product delivery and department efficiencies. Alvaro has also served as a mentor and leader for other members of the team, coaching them through technical issues, as well as project complexity breakdown.

Meet the Team
  • Meet Casey
    Casey Becker, CTS-D
    Director of Technical Operations
    Casey Becker, CTS-D

    Casey started his career in the AV industry 12 years ago with a small AV integration outfit, lending him the opportunity to not only receive concentrated detailed field training, but to also have a hand in, and a vision of the inner-workings of running a small business. These experiences shaped him into an effective Design Engineer, giving him a focus on details that improve project communication within DGI, and with corresponding build out teams. They also grew him into someone who is passionate about leadership within the workplace, and leadership in the AV marketplace, pushing the boundaries of AV standards while using cutting edge technology.

    Casey has experience working directly on everything from some of the region’s most complex systems to small huddle rooms. All of which with the goal of providing the customer with a natural, seamless system tuned to their needs.

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