Crestron Hybrid Workplace Solutions: Enabling Inclusive Collaboration

Empowering Productive Hybrid Work Through Scalable, Integrated AV Technology

As a leader in enterprise collaboration technology, Crestron develops scalable AV solutions for evolving hybrid teams that adapts with the evolving needs of organizations.

Crestron’s AV systems enhance communication and productivity across an organization’s footprint, from desktops to boardrooms and single offices to global campuses. With field-tested, user-centric designs that streamline deployments and upgrades, their intuitive solutions flexibly scale to fit deployment size, management needs and upgrade cadence.

By merging physical and digital environments, Crestron solutions allow dispersed groups to ideate as one. These solutions let hybrid teams collaborate securely via world-class video conferencing, wireless content streaming and automated room controls tailored to your needs.

Hybrid Workplace Solutions

Intelligent Scheduling

As today's workforce moves between on-site and remote, office dynamics shift daily, Crestron automated platforms manage the fluctuating demand effortlessly—allowing users to seamlessly schedule optimal workspaces specific to their real-time interaction needs. This enables hybrid teams to stay in flow. Employees reserve the right workspaces and technologies for meetings, projects and focused work in an instant—eliminating space friction and maximizing team time.


Intuitive Room Controls

Crestron AV solutions deliver consistent, productive meetings across your enterprise footprint. Participants walk into any space and instantly access our integrated video conferencing and environmental optimization technology. With just a few taps, teams seamlessly dim lights, lower shades, adjust temperature - without ever leaving their seats. No manual configuration churn prior to each gathering. By converging critical settings onto an easy-to-use dashboard, Crestron control systems create frictionless meeting environments tailored to group needs in the moment. Give your teams room control that bends to their workflow.


Immersive Video Meetings for Inclusive Hybrid Collaboration

Video technology now serves as the lifeblood of high-performing hybrid teams. But truly inclusive collaboration requires more than just software licenses.

Crestron builds the premium conferencing hardware and AV systems to help unite your distributed workforce. Their solutions allow both remote and on-site participants to join meetings seamlessly, engage actively, and contribute equally, creating a feeling of true presence through high-fidelity displays, intelligent camera framing, and adaptive audio. No more static galleries or muted voices. Experience the fluid, equitable back-and-forth meetings that propel innovation.


Centralized Command For Enterprise AV Deployments

With distributed teams comes an exponential increase in AV technology, spaces, and devices to juggle. Crestron's unified cloud-based XiO platform eliminates this operational complexity. Configure your entire workplace tech stack through a secure single pane of glass - no more fragmented monitoring or disparate management systems. Instantly visualize equipment health, space utilization, and version status across your global footprint. From mass firmware upgrades to remote troubleshooting, XiO allows IT to control every room and location from wherever they work. Rapidly deploy updates and unify policies while gaining actionable intelligence on maximizing investments. Streamline AV operations, reduce maintenance burdens, and unlock insights through one intuitive interface tailored for enterprise scale.

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Adaptive Video Conferencing for Inclusive Hybrid Collaboration

In the hybrid era, meetings must replicate in-room engagement across locations. Crestron's intelligent video solutions create this "same space" experience through:

  • High-Definition Optics & Spatial Audio
  • Bringing remote participants into the room with true-to-life video and 3D sound.
  • Automated Camera Tracking & Voice Detection

Our systems enhance every face and comment for active engagement.

Key Benefits of Crestron Solutions Include
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