Interactive Whiteboard Displays

Universal Collaboration at its Best

DGI offers interactive whiteboard displays designed to help you deliver more dynamic presentations and conduct more productive meetings. Utilizing easy-to-use features along with Zoom video conferencing capabilities, your meetings can be more effective and efficient than ever before.

Interactive whiteboard displays are a multi-dimensional communication platform that enhance workflows, promote collaboration and support effortless content sharing. We install whiteboard displays from the most state-of-the-art manufacturers in the business: DisplayTen panels and Avocor panels. These brands offer a wide range of display sizes as well as single display systems or multiple screens, so there is guaranteed to be a system that will work for your environment.

With interactive displays, teams can conduct briefings, meetings and training sessions that keep all participants engaged and focused. Employees can access digital resources on a large touch-enabled surface and interact with content so that everyone can see. They can open files, applications, websites and multimedia using just a finger. Whiteboard pens can also be used in order to write in digital ink over existing content, and notes can be written directly into familiar applications like Microsoft Visio, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Features Include:

DisplayTen Panels

DisplayTen simplifies collaboration through a cable-free solution that allows users to share content easily. The elegant, modular design of the displays also includes a pen, eraser, 10-touchpoint integration and two-way control between the system and your computer.


Avocor Panels

Avocor panels offer flexible interactive whiteboard displays that can be integrated with other collaboration and communication tools. The Avocor platform is ideal for a variety of applications, from huddle rooms to executive offices.

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