Virtual Reality: VR Design Services

Experience Your Space Before It’s Built

Renovating an office space can be costly, time-consuming and stressful. But not with Virtual Reality.

Despite the best efforts of experts like architects, AV integrators and interior designers, a space can end up finished… but disappointing. Changing your space could require more time and money than budgeted to fix, or worse you just live with it.

What if you could experience a space before construction begins? What if you could swap different equipment, furniture and colors and experience the difference as if you were in the finished room, in real time?  What if you could solve your supply chain challenges?  With Virtual Reality, you can reimagine your space and get your project completed on time. 

It sounds crazy, but with Virtual Reality, you can. And it’s easier than you might think.  Start your VR project with us


Utilizing virtually any device we can transport you into your future space. Before your session, DGI can work with the design team and layout of your potential space or we can help you build a design from the ground up. DGI has a library of audio visual equipment from Crestron, Neat, Logitech, Poly and others , so you can experience your space in real time. It can be as simple as emailing us a floor plan and we’ll do the rest.

Let’s consider a conference room redesign. For example, once “inside” your space, you’ll be able to explore the room, consider design options and save hours of time by making a more informed decision. You’ll see the coverage of speakers and microphones and view the experience your remote participants will have. Our virtual tape measure feature allows you to check distance and size instantly.

DGI VR Microphone Pattern

Hmm, maybe that 55” screen is too small, what would a 70” display look like?

With a few clicks you’ll see how both scenarios appear in the room. DGI will clarify the cost implications of any changes to your project plan on, from the room’s AV functionality to its aesthetics. Upfront work in Virtual Reality ensures you’ll have an efficient and effective buildout without costly modifications. You can save time and money by having all the right equipment and experts on your project from the start.

Within Virtual Reality we can also simulate the acoustics in your room to ensure all participants can be heard and understood with proper speech intelligibility.

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Virtual Reality: See It To Believe It
By designing with VR services, your space takes on new meaning. Rooms come together quickly, and by experiencing the proposed AV solutions we can work together to accelerate the decision-making process. If you’re interested in having DGI design your next space contact us today.
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