Sound Masking
Reduce Noise Distractions, Protect Speech Privacy & Increase Office Comfort

Many industries like healthcare, government, law and finance have strict confidentiality requirements that call for privacy during conversations. Other industries also have a need for reducing noise distractions that may be hindering productivity.

Sound masking systems are specifically engineered to mask human speech. Installed along a simple grid pattern with space determined by ceiling height, emitters can be implemented rapidly with low impact to the surroundings and little to no downtime for businesses.

Whatever the scenario, DGI can help you control sound and enforce confidentiality in your workspace. With our cutting-edge sound masking technology, you’ll be able to protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions and increase office comfort. We can also print and install custom-branded panels to preserve your brand identity throughout your environment.

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Sound Masking Benefits
Cambridge Sound Management

Sound masking is ambient background noise that is engineered to match the frequency of human speech, and is a cost-efficient way to reduce noise distractions and protect private conversations. This technology makes a building seem quieter and more peaceful by raising the ambient noise level and making speech noise less distracting.

We Love Our Clients

Because we are primarily an engineering team without cable installers, we call on DGI Technologies exclusively to fulfill those services when they are needed. Their response time to our requests is always immediate and the quality of work is always the very best.

We have gained such confidence with DGI Technologies that we have utilized them on our OXO systems as well as our larger OXE systems and because of our teaming arrangement with Verizon Business Systems, we have arranged to occasionally have them work directly with Verizon.

The long and short of it is, I have known Sully and his team and they will always be my first choice to provide what I know will be a quality installation on behalf of Alcatel-Lucent. I am sure you will be as pleased to have the DGI  organization as a resource and your service provider.

Craig Hand
Sales Engineer, Alcatel Lucent
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