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Creative Strategies Using Decorative Acoustic Panels

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Author: Glen Fairbanks | President
Creative Strategies Using Decorative Acoustic Panels

Sometimes spaces can get too loud, which can cause people to raise their voices and make a noisy situation worse. Poor acoustics have the potential to ruin any room, even one with flawless aesthetic design and top-of-the-line equipment and furnishings.

Sound absorption products mitigate the noise from office machinery, outside and lobby traffic and even conversations, but how can you integrate acoustic management with branding and environmental design?

Custom configured and branded acoustic panels not only absorb noise and improve the sound quality of a space, but they also contribute to visual messaging and appeal. Decorative acoustic panels can be scaled for any size space and budget based on your space’s acoustic properties, and you can have them installed at any point in the design process.

Meet Our Sound Absorption Products

DGI Acousti-Print Panels

Acousti-Print panels are fully customizable decorative sound absorption products that can fit into and optimize room acoustics for any space. Acousti-Print products can be fabricated for new or existing spaces and are sized for your specific space. Once installed, the visual graphic can be changed without uninstalling the sound absorption base layer. Acousti-Print panels do not require any specific pre-existing infrastructure, and the panels can be moved if necessary. Design options range from solid colors to complement your interior wall palette to corporate branding, text or logos.

DGI Primacoustics Tiles

Primacoustic tiles, like Acousti-Print panels, are fully customizable decorative sound absorption products that can be fabricated for new or existing spaces without the need for a specific pre-existing infrastructure. Unlike Acousti-Print, Primacoustic treatments come in set sizes,  are mounted to walls or ceilings using custom-configured hardware, and they can be changed out for identically-sized tiles without the need to install new hardware when you’re ready for a new look.

Primacoustics tiles come in four factory colors (absolute white, beige, black and gray), or they can be custom painted or printed to your specifications. Custom Primacoustics solutions for specific sound management applications can be added to your configuration, depending on the needs of your space.

Seamlessly Blend Sound Management Into Décor

With some creativity, you can seamlessly blend sound management into your decor with little effort. How? Here are just a few ideas:

  • To control sound in a large space, such as an auditorium, retail space or restaurant, install custom-painted Primacoustics Control Columns against the walls. Not only do they control the acoustics, they add a touch of architectural interest without creating a visual distraction. Pair them with Primacoustics Control Cubes or Element Hexagons for more geometric visual interests, configured as a cluster or scattered around the space, depending on your sound absorption needs.
  • Large Acousti-Print panels or Primacoustic Broadband panels offer a compelling canvas for artwork or branding that makes a bold statement in a larger space. Imagine a stunning panoramic photo or splashy logo in your lobby or atrium. Broadband panels work well on their own with Corner Impalers to manage corner noise pockets in large rooms.
  • Add a touch of sound-absorbing whimsy or a modern art feel to patient rooms, offices and education spaces, simply by choosing a color palette for an arrangement of Element Hexagons. Custom complementary colors or attractive neutrals complement a sleek modern space, bright custom, on-brand or school spirit colors keep noise under control without disrupting the feel of your space.
  • Increase employee comfort and guest privacy with decorative sound absorption panels in government and private sector offices without sacrificing a welcoming environment. A mural printed on the Acousti-Print textile layer is a modern spin on a traditional lobby mural, and smaller panels from either line can be installed around individual workspaces as needed to muffle workspace noise and conversation.

Keep your organization’s meeting spaces quiet and productive, without the distractions of noise pollution both inside and outside your building using decorative sound absorption products that tie-in with company culture. Get creative with your unified communications strategy and subtly brand what webinar and teleconference guests see when you’re on-screen, just by branding your sound absorption panels.

We’re Ready to Help!

DGI continually invests in industry-leading people and cutting-edge design equipment. We stay up to date on conference room design trends for every project scope and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of conference room design and audio-visual services, including sound management.

If you’re ready to design and configure the ideal sound absorption products, DGI is ready to help you navigate the process. Contact us to schedule a free sound consultation. Our experts will perform a RT60 Sound test to see how your spaces perform* in order to provide a custom decorative sound absorption product recommendation that’s right for your organization’s needs. You’ll receive a room acoustics report to determine how to best mitigate your acoustic challenges. Rest easy with sound advice from DGI.

*Reverberation is a measure of the time required for the sound to “fade away” in an enclosed area after the source of the sound has stopped. When it comes to accurately measuring reverberation time with a meter, the term T30, T20 or RT60 (an abbreviation for reverberation time 60dB) is used. T30/T20/RT60 provides an objective reverberation time measurement.

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Glen Fairbanks | President

Glen joined DGI in 1994, just as the large format digital printing industry was emerging. He was originally hired as a telemarketer, quickly rose to inside sales, then managed the customer service department. From there, Glen moved to outside sales, becoming a top performer and exceeding goals by selling over a million dollars several years in a row.

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