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DGI and Digital Wellness Expert, Mark Ostach Help You Connect with Courage at Home

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Author: Mike Walsh | CEO
DGI and Digital Wellness Expert, Mark Ostach Help You Connect with Courage at Home

An Empowering Message on Work, Life & Leadership from Home

Now more than ever, around the globe, we need “digital wellness.” We’ve asked ourselves many hard questions in these past two months. While we have not had the answers, the world kept moving-we kept working, we kept leading, babies were born, vows were exchanged, the sun came up again and again. In the midst of it all, there was life.

We have begun each new day with an attentiveness that was lost in our swiftness, an unfamiliar tension with the future and the present, and for many…an unsettling fear. Yet we have had a choice.

On the other side of that fear, we see courage and it’s there for the taking. This message is about connecting with it.

Through the lens of Zoom, the world has opened up. The ideas of work, life, and leadership are being redefined. We are connected through the use of technology and connected to others at a distance. Through it all, we have the ability to connect in a bold new way.

In June of 2019 on a TedX stage in a full auditorium, Mark Ostach declared: We are in the midst of a need for digital wellness across the globe.”

Just nine months later, in a time of crisis, those words speak profoundly to every one of us. We find ourselves able to reach anyone, anywhere, yet what we need most is to connect. Together with Mike Walsh, CEO of DGI,  Mark Ostach will share an empowering message that will take you on a journey of understanding how you can connect with courage as you work, live and lead.

We invite you to join Mike and Mark as they share practical tips, useful tools and great insights that will empower you and equip you to Connect with Courage.

Here is a one-minute sneak peek of what you’ll learn from Mark and Mike. Your work, life, and leadership may never be the same after experiencing the power of digital wellness. You’ll make and maintain more meaningful connections online and create healthy digital habits to improve your overall well-being.

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Mike Walsh | CEO

Mike Walsh is a 15+ year veteran in the audio visual industry, bringing extensive knowledge of AV design, implementation, service and sales to DGI. Mike is high energy, providing leadership and driving innovation for the diverse divisions that make up our company. He’s also led a team that was recognized as the top integration firm serving educational markets in the country two years running.

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