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How DGI and TAMCO Shield Can Help You Avoid Up-Front Costs for AV Projects

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Author: Mike Walsh | CEO
How DGI and TAMCO Shield Can Help You Avoid Up-Front Costs for AV Projects

Over the past 10 years, the AV industry has experienced a tremendous emergence of technology solutions of every sort. The challenges 2020 introduced to business communication have only accelerated the advancement and adoption of new AV technologies. Manufacturer research and development budgets, along with consumer appetite for more, better, faster and different, ensures innovation will only continue. But while innovation advances, your budget may not have kept pace.

As the technology solutions landscape continues to evolve, the preferred method of payment for those solutions is also evolving to make it easier to provide your team the best equipment. Where ownership once empowered the purchaser with value, control and peace of mind, in today’s environment of constant innovation, ownership depletes precious capital. Handcuffed to a specific product, owners of technology solutions have few assurances of continued usefulness as the pace of emergent technology continues to accelerate.

It’s no surprise that use of and access to desired technology solutions has become more important than ownership. The corresponding development of the subscription-payment service model is a logical next step. This technology-as-a-service alternative is being adopted by consumers at all levels and in every sector — retail, entertainment, government, education and non-profit. Netflix, Zendesk,, Peloton and Microsoft Azure are just a few examples of this subscription, as-a-service solution approach.

As an AV solutions consultant and provider that strives to meet customer needs while being cognizant of marketplace dynamics, DGI Communications is particularly aware of the how-to-pay aspect of our customer experience. To that end, we now offer an exclusive AV as a service program shaped with all these factors in mind, which many customers find to be the perfect fit for their needs.

What is AV As A Service?

AV as a service (AVaaS) is an agreement offered exclusively through DGI Communications and our partner TAMCO Shield that bundles your AV solutions and support services into a convenient monthly payment option. Shield provides organizations with more freedom and control and the ability to stay at the forefront of technology without massive capital expenses, often made possible by payment options such as leasing, bank loans and cash purchases. AVaaS keeps your organization at the forefront of technology so you can remain competitive and prevents obsolete technology from creating a bottleneck in your growth opportunities.

Key Features of AVaaS

  • Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG): SRG is protection from being locked into technology that no longer serves your needs. If your solution lacks the ability to meet the needs of your business or becomes obsolete you have the option to upgrade to a brand new solution at any point during the term. Your existing contract is 100 percent forgiven without penalty fees or roll over balances. Your contract is terminated and a new one is issued.
  • Act of God: Protect your technology in the event of a natural disaster. Under your Shield agreement, we pay your insurance deductible up to $5,000 if your equipment is damaged by a natural disaster, lightning, tornado, fire, etc.
  • Bundled Support & Maintenance: Always have protection. Lock in the cost of our maintenance or support service agreement at today’s labor rates for the duration of your contract term. The monthly cost is bundled without finance charges into the same payment as your equipment.
  • Financial Benefits: Shield is an as a service payment program for organizations that do not want to own their technology solutions, but rather want to benefit from usage and access to the solution. Shield allows you to preserve cash flow so you can use your capital for revenue-generating business activities.
  • Multiple End-of-Term Options: Evaluate your technology needs and usage at the end of your term. A lot can change in 3-5 years. You may need to upgrade, or renew with the SRG, or you may just want to return the equipment. Multiple options mean flexibility and choice.

Is AVaaS The Right Choice for You?

The way we use and pay for technology is changing as quickly as the technology itself. AVaaS provides the kind of flexibility your organization to evolve and remain competitive. Owning technology is increasingly cumbersome in an ever-changing market. If you are less concerned with ownership and prefer to focus on access and usage of your technology, AVaaS is the better way to pay. Contact DGI today if you would like to learn more about our AvaaS* program or discuss your specific AV technology needs.

*AVaaS is available to you in collaboration with our financing partnership with TAMCO

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Mike Walsh | CEO

Mike Walsh is a 15+ year veteran in the audio visual industry, bringing extensive knowledge of AV design, implementation, service and sales to DGI. Mike is high energy, providing leadership and driving innovation for the diverse divisions that make up our company. He’s also led a team that was recognized as the top integration firm serving educational markets in the country two years running.

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