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What Are Backdrop Banners?

Backdrop banners are made from fabric, mesh or vinyl. They are typically used to set the tone for red carpets, press conferences, photo shoots, sporting events, weddings, formal dances and other upscale events. Backdrop banners are designed to eliminate visual distractions and provide a memorable background for promotional photography.

Custom backdrop banner design is a powerful marketing tool when deployed with logos and branding materials. Companies and organizations across a variety of industries use these eye-catching backgrounds for corporate events and office spaces.


Backdrop Banner Material Options

There are multiple options for colorful custom backdrop designs, including:

  • Heavy knit fabric: This wrinkle-resistant fabric is the most popular choice for backdrops.
  • 13oz vinyl banner: Matte and gloss backdrop banners are usually displayed when lighting is not a concern. The vinyl material can handle rain and other light forms of weather.

Vinyl is typically more cost-effective than fabric.


Backdrop Banners vs. Step and Repeat Banners

In the signage industry, the terms "backdrop banners” and “step and repeat banners” both refer to large-format vinyl, mesh, fabric or canvas banners commonly set up for publicity at high-profile events.


Types Of Backdrop Banners

From simple, one-dimensional banners on basic frames to custom-shaped or three-dimensional installations, there are many different types of backdrops available.

  • A pillowcase backdrop zips over the frame for a seamless, floating appearance. These typically come in either straight or curved options.
  • A wall box backdrop is a more three-dimensional option, where the frame and banner create an enclosed box. These can be especially effective in defining open spaces.
  • Round backdrops offer more of a pop-up appeal and typically take up less space. Consider these for headshot-type photo ops or as webcam backdrops.
  • Exhibit, S-shaped and U-shaped backdrops add spatial interest and dramatic backgrounds.

Single-Sided vs. Double-Sided Banners

When ordering a backdrop banner, printing is a factor to consider. Some backdrop banners may need double-sided printing, while for others, one side is sufficient. Here are some important considerations:

  • Most backdrops are single-sided. Double-sided is used when both sides of the display are visible to the public (if two event sides are needed).
  • Single-sided is used 90% of the time.
  • Neither is necessarily more complicated to make. Double-sided banner stands take additional time, but it is not a complex process.
  • Double-sided is more expensive due to the additional materials and support needed.
  • In most cases, the event space will define what type of banner is needed.

Banner Frames

Backdrop banners can be ordered with or without a frame and stand. Frames can also be purchased separately, which increases the number of style options available. A basic frame supports a banner under tension and provides stability using sturdy feet.

The style of frame you choose will depend on how your backdrop banner is constructed. Some use grommets, while others feature pole-pockets. Custom shapes and three-dimensional backdrops require bespoke frames.


Carrying Cases

Backdrop banners are inherently less portable than retractable banners. They typically pack into a carrying case along with their frame. Assembly can be a two-person task.


Banner Design Help

DGI’s design and graphics teams have decades of experience creating bold, effective signage for our partners. We can work with your existing marketing strategy to design and produce the perfect backdrop banner for your next red carpet event, corporate conference, corporate event, retail display, photo shoot, storefront exhibit, museum or exhibit hall.

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