Retractable Banners, Rollups and
Pop-Up Stands

What Are Retractable Banners?

Retractable or pop-up banners are portable, durable vinyl or fabric banners which pull up from and retract into a stand. They are perfect for long-term indoor or outdoor use. The entire set up can be packed into a portable carry case, making retractable banners an affordable, flexible signage solution for anyone attending trade shows, PR events or industry conferences. Retractable banners can also be used in retail, storefronts and more.


Retractable Banners vs. Pop-Up Banners vs. Roller Banners

In the signage industry, the terms "retractable banners,” "pop-up banner stand,” or “roller banners” may be used interchangeably. Each term refers to a banner that rolls into and pulls out of a retractable stand or base. Sometimes "pop-up banner stand" may also refer to a larger, similarly used display product without a hard base.


Types of Retractable Banners

Retractable banners can be printed on vinyl, fabric, or stay flat media.

  • Fabric — Match lightweight polyester knit fabric with other fabric displays for a consistent look for your next event or trade show.
  • Vinyl — The most economical choice, vinyl banners are primarily used for short-term events and single-use applications, but can also be used for outdoor applications.
  • Stay Flat Media — These films are curl-resistant with light-blocking properties. It comes in a satin textured finish and is the most popular choice for retractable graphics.


Banner Stand Frames

Most banner stand frames feature a single stabilizing pole, but some extra wide options will feature double poles for additional stabilization. Retractable banner frames typically come in three styles.

  • Aluminum — Features stabilizing feet that swing from parallel to perpendicular to the base to support the banner.
  • Encased Base — The end caps and lack of swing-out feet give this style a touch more presence, along with some added bulk.
  • Deluxe Banner Stands — Most deluxe banner stands feature a streamlined design and high-quality finishes to add a sense of luxury. Deluxe-quality stands are often used for double-sided banners.


Carrying Cases

Like retractable banner frames, carrying cases come in three standard levels, from basic to deluxe, offering increasing amounts of rigidity, padding and custom compartments for accessories like LED lighting.


Single Sided vs. Double Sided Banners

If your retractable banner will be stationed near multi-directional traffic, a double-sided banner may be the optimal choice for drawing attention to your brand or event. Single-sided retractable banners are perfect for trade booths and similar setups where foot traffic won’t see the backside of the banner.

Banner Design Help

DGI’s design and graphics teams have decades of experience creating bold, effective signage for our partners. We can work with your existing marketing strategy to design and produce the type of retractable banner that conveys your message in the best possible way.

I just wanted to let you know how much we all LOVE the banners. They turned out great and everyone is raving about them.

Thanks for making this project such a great success and I look forward to working with you in the future!


Thank you for the Banners and Tee signs for the Southcoast Classic held at TPC Boston. These added much excitement to the event and every year the items get better!

Southcoast Health Systems
Footer CTA
Give Them Something to Talk About
The portability, durability, and easy use of retractable banners coupled with DGI’s professional design services and quality printing will provide you with a retractable banner and metal base which will last for many events and years to come.
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