Storefront Window Graphics

Storefront window graphics are a unique opportunity to catch a potential customer’s attention before they even walk in the door. Seamlessly integrate branding assets into your glass surfaces. With a variety of innovative applications, you can choose the window graphics that works best for your needs — and let your creativity flow.

Benefits Of Custom Window Graphics

The benefits of custom window graphics are limitless. Here are some of the biggest:

Privacy: Transform clear glass into privacy glass without intrusive renovations or expensive retrofits.

Aesthetics: Decoration and architectural finishes, such as a design or pattern, add visual interest.

Budget-friendly: Window graphics save money compared to ordering new or replacement custom painted or etched glass.

Safety: It’s not unheard of for people to accidentally walk into clear glass windows. Alert guests to large panes of glass with subtle, attractive window graphics.

Easy to care for: Unlike actual textured glass, window graphics are easy to clean and swap out if needed.

Window Graphics Applications

Storefront windows:

Complement signage, advertise sales, events, news, updates and more.

Exterior Window Display

Retail windows

Easily and inexpensively display branding and marketing campaigns that change with seasons and trends.



Promote changing exhibits or seasonal updates, as well as enhancing wayfinding.


Office windows and interior glass

Turn plain glass interior windows and dividers into privacy glass and tie interior glass surfaces into branding strategies.


Environmental design

Update interior glass to seamlessly reflect your company’s culture using decorative, architectural or branding-themed window graphics.


Types Of Window Graphics

Window glass clings and films come in a broad range of products.

Perforated films: Display a printed graphic from the outside without losing visibility from the inside.

Privacy films: Choose from full opacity to partially-obscuring clings and decals that can mimic textured glass, tile and stained glass, among other looks.

Light control products: Block or reduce the light coming through your glass. Some light control products also filter out harmful UV rays.

Window wraps: Think big. Imagine a single, bold image that flows continuously across multiple glass surfaces, turning a full storefront or bank of windows and doors into a huge message-sharing opportunity.

Short-term: Repositionable clings designed to be replaced often.

Long-term: Similar to stickers, these window decals are not permanent, but are often more durable and intended for long-term installation.

See-through graphics: Similar to perforated films, see-through films allow visibility from both sides of the glass.

Opaque graphics: Ensure privacy or display your boldest colors and lettering with fully opaque window decals.

Vinyl lettering: Imagine your company name in individual glass graphic letters spelled out across your exterior windows.

Contour or die-cut decals: Cut to a specific size and shape, close to the imagery or lettering, as opposed to within the constraints of a common shape or size.

Window Graphics Ideas & Examples

Window Graphic Consultation & Design Help

It can be overwhelming to sort through all the available products and applications. DGI’s experienced design professionals will work with you to bring the best possible solution to the table. From frosted glass to decorative films, you can be sure that our nationwide installation network will deliver on the exact type of window graphics you need. We also offer static clings and removable adhesive vinyl for retail applications and promotional messaging.

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