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Kaptivo: Sharing Your Whiteboard with the World

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Author: Mike Walsh | CEO
Kaptivo: Sharing Your Whiteboard with the World

Real-time, on-demand virtual communication is a necessity in the modern workplace. Last year, nearly two thirds of businesses set up a video conference. Virtually every office worker has a camera and screen-sharing abilities, but let’s face it: some of the best collaboration, brainstorming and education takes place on the conference room whiteboard, not our laptop screens or video camera.

What if you could share the whiteboard in your conference room in real time, anywhere with anyone on your conference call? You can with Kaptivo.

Introducing Kaptivo — A Powerful Communication Camera

Kaptivo’s whiteboard camera — a powerful communication tool — can improve your company’s remote collaboration and communication. This exceptional cloud-connected camera comes with powerful features that transform any standard dry-erase whiteboard into an online-based collaboration system.

With this affordable device, remote teams can share whiteboards and collaborate quickly and effectively and save your colleagues and partners time and money that won’t be spent on commuting or expensive travel.

The Flexibility of Kaptivo

With Kaptivo, you have a camera that you can easily fix above your current whiteboard, allowing you to share content to a majority of web browsers and include the board’s live stream when video conferencing. With Kaptivo’s whiteboard, everything you write or erase normally will be captured automatically.

Other Kaptivo Powerful Features

Additionally, Kaptivo enables you to remove shadows and reflections, as well as anyone standing on the board’s front to create clear, crisp, sharable images.

If you have a large boardroom, remote team members you want to collaborate with or an impromptu brainstorming session you want to save, think Kaptivo. Its sophisticated whiteboard live-streaming technology enables all participants to contribute and see everything vividly.

The Rise of Virtual Communication

Virtual teams are on the rise, but remote workers can find it difficult to share content and photos with a poor-quality camera or insufficient tools. There are other tools on the market, but these methods are characterized by obstructed board views, delays, information storage problems and high costs. The cost of installing these tools exceeds those of the whiteboards, and permanent hardware installations greatly restrict mobility. Kaptivo works with your current whiteboard and video conference set up.

The Bottom-Line

Virtual communication is how your team collaborates. Don’t give up the power of the whiteboard — share it! Kaptivo is inexpensive and extremely flexible, enabling you to share quality content as it happens.

The best part: Kaptivo can work with your existing whiteboards and meeting platforms. You don’t need special pens, plugins, expensive apps or annoying downloads to collaborate with your remote participants. DGI is an authorized reseller of Kaptivo. Contact us to upgrade your conference rooms to Kaptivo rooms.

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Mike Walsh | CEO

Mike Walsh is a 15+ year veteran in the audio visual industry, bringing extensive knowledge of AV design, implementation, service and sales to DGI. Mike is high energy, providing leadership and driving innovation for the diverse divisions that make up our company. He’s also led a team that was recognized as the top integration firm serving educational markets in the country two years running.

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