Video Wall Calculator

Bring the WOW factor to Your Lobby

Turn your entry space into an experience with an LED wall you can use for displaying images, videos and content feeds; live streaming; branding and more. Together, we can bring your design ideas to life.

Transform Your Worship Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary

LED video walls allow you to show the content you want: videos, images, scrolling text (like scripture or lyrics), live feeds and more. Our team will help you develop an LED wall solution that fits your church’s budget, message and vision.

Share Information Effectively from the Big Screen

LED walls offer a range of options and add intrigue to presentations, advertisements and movies. Our experienced team members can help set up your conference room with the perfect LED screen for your space.

Keep Your School Connected

An LED wall will enliven a lecture hall, get fans pumped in the stadium, share pertinent information in a lobby and so much more. We’re looking forward to partnering with you to create a customized LED wall for your needs.

Elevate Your Space with an LED Video Wall

Transform any blank wall into an eye-catching display. Our experienced team is looking forward to helping you find the perfect LED wall for your lobby, conference room, place of worship or educational facility.

11.82 x 6.66
1 Panel Size
Width Height Diagonal
mm 600 337.5 688.408
in 23.62 13.29 27.1
ft 1.97 1.11 2.26
Pixel pitch describes the density of the pixels (LED clusters) on an LED display and correlates with resolution. Learn More
Total screen width in panels. 1 Panel is 1.97 feet wide
Total screen height in panels. 1 Panel is 1.11 feet high
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