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LED Video Wall Examples & Ideas

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Author: Mike Walsh | CEO
LED Video Wall Examples & Ideas

LED wall technology enabling large displays powered by individual light emitting diodes and modular panels, has been around for decades. But as LED manufacturing and hardware advances, and LED walls become more affordable, so too does the technology’s creative potential. Video wall technology impacts the way we share and consume information in a broad range of settings. From stadiums, conferences, and trade shows to restaurants, schools, and retail, creative LED wall applications make a bold statement about your brand or message.

Using a large-format display made up of smaller panels means flexibility and a broad range of scale options. Use individual panels like slides, coexisting on a large palette, while presenting at conferences, trade shows, or even your own company town hall. Mobile and cloud content management means you’re in control of your LED video wall, making it a versatile tool for business communication. Offer visitors one-stop-shopping-style guidance by combining wayfinding, infographics, social media feeds, trivia or pictures with written and visual instructions.

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Make your LED wall a hands-on, immersive experience by utilizing touch-sensitive hardware. Here are some ideas:

      • Allow visitors check in and get customizable maps and information.
      • Offer an interactive video wall for young visitors that entertains and educates.
      • Give presenters the option to demonstrate products and information with touchpoints.
      • “Fly” elements from screen to screen.
      • Animate your content.
      • Add additional panels elsewhere in the room for an even more immersive experience.

Display all of your social media feeds at once, allowing viewers to choose what kind of content they consume. If you can see the – literal – larger picture of your social media narrative, you’ll gain insight into how to curate your accounts, as well.

Display a daily agenda in the lobby or atrium and provide a warm and informative welcome to guests, employees and customers. Build a visual gateway or video tunnel to draw visitors into a booth or product display area. Use exterior LED wall applications to draw foot traffic to your retail store or restaurant.

LED video walls are surprisingly affordable when compared to other large-scale solutions. And innovative software can help you make be most of your display. But what spaces are ideal for LED video walls, what content should you display and how much do they actually cost?

LED Video Wall Costs

The price of an LED video wall will depend a number of factors, including:

      • Pixel density (pixels per square inch) – Also known as Pixel Pitch
      • Overall display size
      • Curved, flat or transparent design
      • Complexity of installation
      • Video processing requirements
      • Indoor or outdoor application
      • Setup (free standing, ceiling or wall mount)

Companies typically budget anywhere between $50,000 and $350,000 for their LED video wall project.

6 Ideal Spaces for LED Video Wall Installation


1.     Entryways, Lobbies and Foyers

Whether you’re in an office building, dance club, hospital or university, an LED video wall can give your space the “wow” factor that keeps people coming back. This is one of the most obvious and popular uses. Maximize your wall space with compelling visual statements, such as:

      • Large-scale images
      • Multiple-source content feeds
      • Live media streaming
      • Dynamic branding
      • Logo imagery

No matter what your organization has to say, there’s a way to take advantage of first impressions to convey the message.

2.     Retail Spaces

Lighting is key to any retail store. While most light displays are static, a video display can make all the difference when it comes to driving foot traffic and engaging potential customers. LED video walls can show in-store promotions, products, services, events and sales. Since multimedia screens use video and animation in addition to rotating graphics, you can offer long-form content as well. Video screens can be interactive, offering additional details about your company. LED walls won’t take the place of your static traditional displays, but they can highlight the choices you make with your static in-store graphics.


3.     Churches

For the past two decades, houses of worship have engaged their congregations by adding visual elements to their services. Projectors and white screens now take eyes out of the hymnal and up to wall-projected content. In recent years, many churches have taken their services to the next level by installing LED video walls in their sanctuaries. Video walls allow you to share customized videos, images, scrolling text (like scripture or lyrics), live feeds and other content, transforming your worship service from ordinary to extraordinary.


4.     Performance Venues

An LED wall is a living canvas and can serve as a creative backdrop to enhance an event, presentation or performance. Background imagery, bold color, branding or video content keeps all eyes on you.

5.     Large Conference Rooms or Meeting Spaces

Digital signage is a dynamic way to conduct virtual meetings and share content such as webinars, announcements and videos. If your LED video wall displays information that attendees don’t need to reference during the meeting, you have more flexibility with your conference room setup.

6.     Wayfinding

Many spaces are hard to navigate. An eye-catching LED wall can immediately show a map or guide customers or visitors upon arrival.

What Should You Display On Your Video Walls?

      • In-house and/or sponsored videos or video clips
      • Movies
      • Directional signage
      • Safety alerts
      • Schedules
      • Important announcements
      • Live social media feeds
      • Corporate graphics, logos or visuals
      • Static or animated ads
      • Real-time donation trackers
      • News or weather updates
      • Image slideshows
      • Menus
      • Rules and policies


Are You Looking for an LED Video Wall?

Your company’s LED wall needs will be specific to your business; working with a digital signage solution provider like DGI can help bring your organization’s vision to big, bright life. Contact us today to get creative with LED wall technology today.

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Mike Walsh | CEO

Mike Walsh is a 15+ year veteran in the audio visual industry, bringing extensive knowledge of AV design, implementation, service and sales to DGI. Mike is high energy, providing leadership and driving innovation for the diverse divisions that make up our company. He’s also led a team that was recognized as the top integration firm serving educational markets in the country two years running.

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