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Retractable Banner Design: Ideas & Examples

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Author: Glen Fairbanks | President
Retractable Banner Design: Ideas & Examples

Retractable banners are portable, durable vinyl or fabric banners that pull up from and retract into a stand. Perfect for long-term, indoor or outdoor use, the right retractable banner design can highlight your company’s branding while catching the eye and curiosity of anyone passing by.

Where Are Retractable Banners Used?

Because the entire retractable banner setup can be packed into a portable case, they are an affordable, professional-looking signage solution for storefronts or retail pop-ups — or anyone attending trade shows, public relations events or industry conferences.

Retractable banners are also ideal for offices, lobbies or indoor public spaces where a more permanent solution isn’t viable or desired.

A display of seven retractable banners in navy blue, white and orange stand next to each other welcoming spectators to the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship. There is an illustration of a lacrosse player on each banner.

Key Design Elements to Consider

First, you need to decide on the retractable banner material. These can be printed on vinyl, fabric or poly film, and each offers slightly different qualities.

  • Vinyl is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. It’s available in a textured or smooth finish and offers light-blocking options.
  • Poly film is curl-resistant, waterproof and excellent for outdoor use.
  • Lightweight polyester knit fabric can be coated for durability with light-block options available.


Now that you know the materials, here are six tips to help with your retractable banner design:

  1. Focus on your brand. If your organization has a specific brand book, start there with colors, fonts and logos that tie into your marketing strategy.
  2. Choose colors that pop. Your branding will determine the shades you use, so consider contrast, eye-catching colors and white space when designing.
  3. Balance your design. Font size and weight, alignment and image placement can elevate your retractable banner design.
  4. Consider size and shape. Where will you showcase your retractable banner, and how will it fit with other parts of your display? The answers to these questions will help determine the ideal size and shape of your design.
  5. Use high-quality images, typography and logo files for a crisp, professional appearance. Vector image files are infinitely scalable, which produces reliably clear results at any size.
  6. Be creative! Mix and match more than one retractable banner, create an installation effect or use both large and small banners to define space at an event.

5 Creative Retractable Banner Ideas & Examples

Complementary Banners

Three different banners of various sizes surround a rectangular table.

This eye-catching retractable banner idea uses more than one size and shape — plus multiple banners — to create a more substantial visual effect.

Switched Up Layouts

Two banners of the exact same size stand next to each other. They have the same teal and white color scheme but different layouts.

This pair of retractable banners in identical color schemes features complementary layouts.

Color Variations


Three banners stand next to each other in a mall-type environment. Each features a bold color in addition to graphics and text — yellow, teal and red.

Using a similar layout with contrasting colors within a bold palette draws the eye from one retractable banner design to the next.

Bold Imagery

This banner has a teal background and features a single large ice cream cone in the center.

A single banner showcasing the Big Ben clock tower of the palace of Westminster against a light blue sky.

A playful color palette and a single, bold image that pops make this retractable banner shine.

Diptychs and Triptychs

Three same-size banners display a single image of a woman’s face.

Use two or even three retractable banners of the same size to display a single large image with information spread across the design.

Ready to Get Started?

The portability, durability and simplicity of retractable banners — coupled with our professional design services and quality printing — can provide you with a retractable banner that will last for years.

If you’re ready to discuss your needs with an experienced AV print and media design partner, DGI is ready to help. Our goal is to use the highest quality products and services available to bring your designs to life — contact us today to get started.

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Glen Fairbanks | President

Glen joined DGI in 1994, just as the large format digital printing industry was emerging. He was originally hired as a telemarketer, quickly rose to inside sales, then managed the customer service department. From there, Glen moved to outside sales, becoming a top performer and exceeding goals by selling over a million dollars several years in a row.

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