Restaurant Noise and Soundproofing — Materials & Acoustic Solutions

If you’ve ever tried to have a conversation in a noisy restaurant, you’re not alone.

Some level of noise is expected and acceptable while dining out, but a boisterous environment can ruin the experience for patrons, cause communication problems among employees and even cause physical discomfort such as headaches and fatigue.

Sound travels through and bounces off various materials, including walls, floors, ceilings and windows, which can contribute toward excessive noise levels in any restaurant environment. Whether you’re looking to provide a quieter, more relaxed dining experience for patrons, create a more intimate atmosphere or reduce your own headaches from all the noise, soundproofing is the way to achieve these goals.

Benefits of Soundproofing a Restaurant

Restaurant Soundproofing Solutions

Sound Absorption Solutions

DGI turns sound absorption solutions into an art form, improving the sound quality and aesthetics of any dining space.

Sound Masking 

Create a quiet, intimate restaurant setting with a sound masking system that is specifically engineered to veil human speech.

Sound Panels to Reduce Restaurant Echoes

DGI offers three distinct product lines to reduce restaurant echoes and absorb sound.

  • Sustainable Sound panels are an eco-friendly, highly-customizable sound absorption solution made from sheets of competitively priced poly-fiber sourced from recycled plastic. They can be cut to any shape for dynamic geometric and dimensional installations or installed as traditional wall-mounted panels. Sustainable Sound panels can display custom images, branding, text or logos, as well as interior wall palette colors.
  • Acousti-Print and Primacoustic panels are fully customizable sound absorption products that are able to fit and optimize the room acoustics for any space. Acousti-Print products can be fabricated for new or existing spaces, and once installed, the visual element can be changed without uninstalling the sound absorption panel.

The panels do not require any specific pre-existing infrastructure, and your designs can range from corporate branding, text or logos to interior wall palette colors. Acousti-Print panels can even add branding to a wall or space. Primacoustic panels come in set sizes and can be applied to walls or ceilings to fit your space and like Acousti-print can be customized to match your color scheme and décor.

  • Solutions from Fräsch are also highly customizable and can freshen up a space while simultaneously reducing noise. In partnership with Fräsch, DGI is proud to offer unique and innovative acoustic products like ceiling baffles, clouds, and grids, artistic wall panel installations and thoughtfully crafted acoustic dividers that bring color and design elements into restaurant soundproofing solutions. Fräsch offers more than 35 color and product options from ceiling baffles and clouds to wall treatments and flexible room dividers. Bonus — their solutions are sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Restaurant Soundproofing Materials

Sometimes you may have a tricky space that still needs a bit of help after the installation of acoustic treatments. In these types of situations, it’s important to measure and test the quality of your current acoustics in order to find a customizable solution that’s right for your space and needs.

Reverberation time is a measure of the time required for the sound to “fade away” in an enclosed area after the source of the sound has stopped. An RT60 sound test provides an objective reverberation time measurement.

Our experts can perform a RT60 sound test in order to provide a custom soundproofing product and material recommendation that’s right for your organization’s needs. You will receive a room acoustics report that will determine how to best mitigate your acoustic challenges.

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Using Sound to Curate Ambience & Improve Customer Experience

Cambridge Sound Management sound masking technology produces ambient background noise that is engineered to match the frequency of human speech and is a cost-efficient way to reduce noise distractions. This technology can make your space seem quieter and more peaceful by raising the ambient noise level and making speech noise less distracting. While not often used in large or louder spaces, an area where privacy is valued can benefit from soundmasking solutions.

Best Practices to Reduce Restaurant Noise

By following these best practices, you can create an environment that is conducive to relaxation, conversation and enjoyment for your guests.

  • Design: Try to incorporate acoustically-friendly elements such as sound-absorbing materials in your decor.
    Materials: Fabrics tend to absorb sound more effectively versus leather, wood or vinyl. Carpet is also an effective sound absorber.
  • Seating arrangement: Strategically placing booths or rearranging tables can help to reduce noise levels and create a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Background music: Opt for music that complements the dining experience, rather than adding to the noise level — and make sure you have appropriate acoustic dampening, or the music can sound harsh and echo throughout the space.

Restaurant Soundproofing FAQs

Q: What type of spaces can benefit most from acoustic treatments? 

A: The higher the ceilings and bigger the potential capacity, the more benefit you’ll see from treatments.

Q: How long will the installation process take, and will it cause any disruptions to our business operations?

A: Installation can be done any time to accommodate the hours of the business. Installations often take 1–2 days and can be done with minimal disruption.

Q: Can the soundproofing materials be easily maintained and cleaned?

A: Yes — most can be wiped clean with a wet cloth.

Q: Are there any additional steps or modifications that need to be taken to ensure the effectiveness of the soundproofing materials?

A: DGI works to ensure that once installed, there are minimal additional steps or modifications to ensure a successful solution.

How DGI Can Help

Talented, experienced consultants like those at DGI can help you make the right choices for your restaurant or dining area. Whether you’re designing a new space or looking to enhance the ambiance of your current one, DGI can help. Contact us today for more information about our restaurant soundproofing solutions.

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