Acoustic Art Panels

DGI is able to turn acoustic treatment into an art form that improves the sound quality of a space. Our acoustic art panels can also enhance your overall aesthetic and environment to promote a healthy and efficient workplace.

With companies relying more and more on technology to enhance internal and external communication, the acoustics of the environment are often overlooked. This is surprising, especially with speech being our predominant method of communication.

Consider all the noises that you encounter in an office environment: Computer noises, the buzz of printers, tapping of pens, ringing phones, conversations and people moving around to name a few. When we have no control over the sound, we can get frustrated, distracted and stressed, which is why sound absorption is very important. Soft air trapping surfaces are able to absorb certain frequencies — mainly mid to higher frequencies — which can leave us with a much more satisfying and comfortable environment.

Products & Services Overview
Custom-Printed Graphics

Not only do our sound absorbing products help improve acoustics, they also can be custom printed to match your brand and creative vision.

Installation & Fabrication

From wall to ceiling, our team can install your acoustic art panels and graphics wherever you need.

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