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DGI Invisuals Print Division Joins Kirkwood

On November 2, we announced the sale of our Invisuals division to Kirkwood, a premier full-service visual communications provider. This milestone represents an exciting shift for us, empowering a focus on our core strengths — delivering high-quality audio-visual integrations, consulting, and technology solutions for our clients.

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Organizational Graphics for Ease of Navigation

You don’t want your building guests to have to rely on GPS to find their way around, do you? Nobody likes feeling lost or asking for directions. That’s where the right wayfinding signage can help.

Wayfinding signage is a helpful and seamless way to guide visitors, employees and other guests through your building. This is especially important in complex environments like corporate offices, hospitals and school campuses.

DGI has worked closely with businesses across a multitude of industries to consult, design, create and install effective wayfinding systems.

We understand the psychology and design elements that go into creating successful visual cues.

Our specialties include creating easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand systems like:

• Digital maps or directories that can be updated in real time.
• LED wall solutions to help direct large crowds and centralize attention.
• Attractive banners, wall murals and unique graphic solutions that integrate your brand with your wayfinding.
• Regulatory signage such as safety notices and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) signage.

Wayfinding Signage & Design Services


Wayfinding signage can be custom-branded to fit into your environment. We’ll work with your team to create a signage solution that’s easy to understand and visually appealing. Our experience with digital and physical mediums ensures a consistent experience throughout your property.

Industries Served

• Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
• Airports
• Hospitality
• Retail
• College & University Campuses
• Museums
• Stadiums & Arenas
• Corporate Office Spaces

Wayfinding Signage & Design Services 2
A quick word from a satisfied customer.

It is a wonderful experience to have one’s vision realized and this truly does… Working in a public space means lots of input from lots of points of view. Lucky for us we were able to articulate our idea and the folks from DGI demonstrated that the vision would be in keeping with the goals of the institution.

Mass. General Hospital
Director of Nutrition and Food Services
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