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Unique Step and Repeat Banner Ideas & Examples

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Author: Glen Fairbanks | President
Unique Step and Repeat Banner Ideas & Examples

Have you ever attended or watched footage from a red carpet event like an awards show or a high-profile charity fundraiser? Attendees are often photographed posing in front of a large backdrop with a repeating logo or promotional image. Also called step and repeat banners, these backdrops can be used at all types of events to highlight your brand. From gala dinners and trade shows to professional conferences,  graduations, weddings and birthdays, the options for creative step and repeat ideas are limited only by your imagination. Get those cameras ready!

Tips for Unique Step and Repeat Designs

red step and repeat banner

A unique step and repeat banner provides a dedicated setting for event attendees to pose for photographs or conduct a media session. Businesses and sponsors have an unobtrusive and powerful opportunity to get their logo in front of everyone who sees the images or footage from the event.

Step and repeat banners come in a broad range of sizes. Depending on your brand’s messaging goals, there are many different ways to showcase your design. Each choice informs the others, so it’s important to have a clear plan for your step and repeat banner design. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Banner size: The first question you must answer is how large or small to make your banner. There are a few factors to consider, the first being the size and shape of your event space. Secondly, be aware of restrictions and limitations, whether physical or imposed by the venue. You’ll also want to consider how your guests will be posing. Singles or couples require a smaller area than large groups or families. It’s important to note that the banner size will determine the layout of your design.
  • Logo size: Brand visibility is key when considering your step and repeat banner. To optimize visibility while avoiding a cluttered appearance, you want to balance the size and the frequency of the repeating graphics. Typically, square logos are sized around 5 to 7 inches. Rectangular, or longer, text-based graphics should be around 8 to 12 inches.
  • Spacing: Most step and repeat banner designs use an alternating pattern of logo and text that creates a checkerboard pattern across the banner. As a rule, leave about the same amount of space between logos or text as the graphic takes up. It’s important to consider aspect ratio when designing the spacing for your step and repeat banner. If you’re using more than one image or a pattern of typography and logo, you will want similar aspect ratios for each element, as well as a similar ratio between lines.
  • Color: Step and repeat banners look best when the logo and background both complement each other and have good visual contrast. For a single logo or typography, choose a contrasting color from your company’s brand book. If there are multiple elements to your design, use a neutral tone that makes it easy to see and read your sign.white step and repeat banner

5 Creative Step and Repeat Examples

Here are just a few examples of creative step and repeat banners, illustrating the versatility in design, color, style and purpose.

Mindful Color Choices

This casino red carpet with a step and repeat banner not only displays the casino’s name and chip logo, it evokes the green baize of card and gaming tables.

green banner with multi colored poker chips

Simplicity with a Gradient Scheme 

This creative step and repeat banner design shows how a simple repeating banner is elevated by the subtle addition of a city skyline and a backdrop in a gradient color scheme.

Embrace Bold Visuals 

This lush flower wall backdrop could inspire a step and repeat banner design featuring a single bold graphic image that reflects the tone or theme of an event.

black and red gradient banner with logos

Ready to Elevate Your Next Event With a Step and Repeat Banner?

Our team has decades of experience creating bold, effective designs for a variety of companies and organizations. If you have any questions or you’re ready to start talking step and repeat design banners for your next event, contact us today!

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Glen Fairbanks | President

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