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How do I submit files for output?

The best way to submit files is to package your InDesign or Illustrator Files.  This will gather all fonts and links used in your creative in one location to be zipped and sent to DGI. Having all assets associated with your design from the beginning expedites your project.

What software do you support?

We can work with all current design software. The preferred programs to use are the Adobe Creative Suite of products such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Files from office programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are difficult to work with and don’t always output properly, thus we advise against them. There may be an additional charge if we need to output from these files.

What are the setup costs?

There are no setup costs for our digital printing services if a print-ready file is submitted.

Can you match PMS colors?

Picking colors from the Pantone+ Coated formula guide ensures that we know exactly what color you are trying to achieve.  Colors used in Illustrator and InDesign should be selected from the Pantone+ Coated Swatch Palette. Our RIP software is set to recognize Pantone Spot colors and will automatically swap the best matching color for each.

What is your maximum output size?

Most large format digital printing machines are roll-fed, so the image length can vary up to 100′. Standard widths are 48″-70.” Pieces can be tiled to achieve larger sizes with virtually unnoticeable seams. Some fabric and vinyl banner materials are available up to 15 feet wide.

When is digital printing cost effective versus traditional printing technologies?

Large format digital printing is primarily used for short production runs (quantity of 500 or less). Digital printing is also used to meet short turnaround requirements for higher quantities or just-in-time inventory requirements over long periods to avoid graphics obsolescence.

Are there minimum quantity requirements?

No. Even a quantity of one is affordable! Digital print production has made custom, full-color posters, vinyl and fabric banners, trade show graphics and vehicle graphics cost-effective in low quantities.

What kind of turnaround can I expect?

Turnaround is directly related to the size and complexity of your project. DGI Invisuals can offer standard turnaround from 48-72 hours. Quicker turnaround is also available — we are here to work with you and meet your deadlines.

Do you print your proofs on the actual material?

Yes! When you see a proof, you are viewing it on the actual material it will be printed on, in its final capacity.

DPI Calculator

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Proportion Calculator

Use this calculator to help understand how to scale your files correctly.

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