Modus Advanced Design Tools for AV Professionals

Let Clients See and Agree,
So You Can Start Building

As an architect, AV integrator, or designer, you help clients imagine then create new spaces.

When your work is done, everything looks, sounds and feels better than before, but client changes or concerns can delay completion and hold back your schedule and revenue. What if your clients and prospects could experience a space before construction begins? What if you could swap different equipment, furniture, and colors–and experience the difference–as if you were in the finished room, in real time? What if you had a way to stand out from other AV designers?

It sounds crazy, but with Modus you can.

Modus is a highly specialized design system that allows designers to work within and experience a space through a VR headset and cutting-edge software. Modus transports the user into their new space at “Modus Speed.” Go from concept to virtual reality in seconds. You and your partners load the specifications and layout of a potential space and create a library of equipment such as video screens, microphones and furniture. Commonly used vendors and hardware can be modeled in your custom experience so you can swap any aspect of the design while seeing the complete experiential impact of your changes.


Let’s consider a conference room redesign for one of your clients. Once “inside” the “Modus space,” your users will be able move around the room to explore any viewing angle.

They’ll see the reach of speakers and microphones, to ensure complete coverage at every chair. The virtual tape measure feature allows you to check distance and size instantly. Within Modus you can simulate the acoustics in your room, to ensure at every seat, and remotely, everyone can be heard, seen and understood. You can even put your client in the field of view from anywhere in the room to experience it fully and virtually and to show them the impact of your design and techonology choices.

DGI VR Headset

A room’s AV functionality and overall aesthetics need to work together. Hmm, maybe that 55” screen is too small, what would a 70” display look like? With a few clicks both scenarios appear in the room, giving you and your team the ability to quickly convey the cost implications of any changes to the project plan.

Changes happen in “Modus time.” It’s not just the initial design phase where Modus can have an impact, any project changes can be reviewed and approved anywhere at any time.


Bringing virtual reality to your project planning ensures an efficient and effective buildout with minimal costly modifications. You and your clients save time and money by having all the right equipment and experts on the project from the start.

Your Modus-powered experience serves as both a service and value differentiator as you compete for business with other less advanced firms. With Modus, the future of AV design is virtual.

Contact us today to learn how Modus can help you and your clients design in real time.

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Contact us today to learn how Modus can help you and your clients design in real time.
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