Project Overview

Avison Young’s PM department reached out looking for an AV integrator to match Reward Gateways London HQ office for their new Boston HQ. They turned to DGI to get it done.


The largest challenge was installing a 4×3 Video Wall on a curved wall.  This required precision mounts and fine tuning to take the shape of the wall.  The task was not above DGI and the end result was beautiful.


A 4×3 Video Wall greets you when you exit off the elevator and enter the space.  The video wall was designed to take the shape of the curved wall. Custom content was created by RG’s marketing team to loop and display across all twelve 55” displays. The content is being fed from an Asus Chromebox while leverage NEC’s tile matrix video wall technology to create a large video wall.

Five 42” NEC displays are mounted in portrait mode and recessed into columns throughout the space. An Asus Chromebox distributes the same signal to each display.

Four study rooms include an iPad mini mounted in portrait mode outside each room, running Robin software for room reservations, allow employees to book an intimate video conference room for private calls. Within each room is an LG 5K Apple Display with an embedded Webcam to allow a user to simply plug a USB-C enabled Apple laptop for video calling. The single USB-C cable provides power and audio/video signal, thus minimizing connectivity within the room.

A divide/combine conference room includes dual 55” displays on one side, while a single 70” display is installed in the opposite room.  A partition sensor is installed in the room that knows when the folding wall is opened or closed. In turn, this triggers commands to allow audio and video to be divided or combined within the rooms.

This logic eliminates the need for a control system and allows users to easily divide and combine the rooms for meetings.

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