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DGI and EFI Delivered When Whole Foods Needed Urgent, Massive Print Project

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Author: Sylvia Mauro | Senior Vice President
DGI and EFI Delivered When Whole Foods Needed Urgent, Massive Print Project

Grocery shopping experienced a shift in 2020 with social distancing, mask requirements and reduced store capacity measures. Time was of the essence in order to remain open and keep patrons safe in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But DGI responded, providing technology and custom-printed solutions for businesses, including signage, banners and decals. These created safe, reassuring spaces for our clients and their customers, employees and guests.

When Whole Foods Market needed more than 11,000 custom floor decals for more than 150 locations, we rose to the occasion, delivering their order in about two weeks, but a sizable order like that isn’t without logistical challenges.

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DGI’s commitment to providing unmatched service means we are always seeking solutions to any challenge. Our goal is to always provide the highest standard of service to our partners. Most of us have experienced the traffic jam that can happen when the office print queue is overwhelmed, along with the resulting frustration and stress when deadlines loom and productivity slows. We feel the same way when it comes to delivering our wide range of custom-printed products. That’s why DGI chose to invest in Electronics For Imaging, Inc.’s high-volume, super wide format, LED hybrid printer — the EFI™ VUTEk® h3 — to complement our existing digital print machines.

Why the VUTEk® h3?

The VUTEk h3 increases our project scope, capacity and production speed. It also delivers customer solutions quickly with beautiful results. DGI’s wide range of offerings includes wall murals, glass films, wayfinding signage and many other environmental and display graphics. The VUTEk h3 provides a distinct advantage for these jobs when producing larger-volume projects.

grocery store isle with decals on the floor

This flatbed/roll-to-roll printer runs three times faster than our other printers. It gives DGI increased versatility for projects, such as graphics printed on acrylic — and with its 10-foot width and dual-roll capabilities, you can achieve higher-volume wall coverings and other décor and display applications.

Translation: Higher throughput and greater efficiency plant-wide.

Where once large projects might clog workflow and delay finishing work, the faster, more efficient h3 reduces overtime costs and speeds up the timeframe on deliverables.

That means the highest quality and a faster turnaround for our customers.

The VUTEk h3 is an investment in our clients. With UltraDrop™ Technology 7pL grayscale printheads, automated media handling and powerful EFI LED technology, the 126-inch wide VUTEk h3 provides customers with immediate benefits, including high print quality and reliable operation.

Perhaps its most universal advantage is that the VUTEk h3 does not force DGI to choose between quality or volume and speed.

When Whole Foods Market needed those 11,000 one-way, social distancing and stop sign decals to direct foot traffic in their stores, DGI was able to respond quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or our other partners and clients.

Grocery store floor with tape and decals on it

The h3 provides a competitive edge

EFI’s cool cure LED imaging on the printer requires less energy compared with traditional UV-cure or latex printers and enables printing on thin or specialty media that cannot withstand the heat of other drying or curing methods. The printer’s nine-layer capability will also allow DGI to produce textured printing. Textured print capabilities, along with our clear ink option, give us a competitive edge with designers and marketers.

Give your print project the green light

The VUTEk h3 is an energy lightweight in its class, requiring up to 82% less energy , using fewer consumables and offering lower VOC print options.

DGI is always on the lookout for products that improve our client offerings and give our trusted partners a print and audio visual advantage. With decades of experience and the right equipment, like the VUTEk h3, DGI is the trusted partner your business needs for all its communications products and systems.

Are you interested in how our increased quality and productivity, as well as lightning-fast delivery timeframes, can benefit your organization? Are you looking for a print partner that can deliver high-volume, high-quality and on-time? Get in touch with DGI today!

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Sylvia Mauro | Senior Vice President

Sylvia E. Mauro has been with the DGI Communications since 1998. She began her career at DGI as a customer service representative and later became the manager of the sales support team and installation departments. Since 2009, Sylvia has served as a senior project manager and account executive for several of DGI’s top clients. As a member of the executive team, Sylvia is instrumental in informing the vision of the company from both a marketing standpoint as well as improving the customer experience.

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