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Zoom vs. GoToMeeting

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Author: Mike Walsh | CEO
Zoom vs. GoToMeeting

Keeping your team communicating internally and externally requires robust communication software, but what does that mean for your unique business? Are you more interested in focused services or a broad range of features? What works for one company might fail for another. Let us help you choose the right platform by comparing the features offered by video conference platforms Zoom and GoToMeeting.

What is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting is an easy-to-use web conferencing platform offering numerous international features. It’s a great option for enterprises with international connections and professionals with global clients and contracts. GoToMeeting has a user-friendly interface and offers one of the most competitive pricing schemes on the market. The software supports various integrations, including Podio, Zapier, Slack, Microsoft Office 365 and Accord LMS, and is configurable to Macro Pro, personal computers (PCs), Android and iOS devices for optimal flexibility. Users can join meetings wherever, whenever, with ease.

GoToMeeting’s sophisticated video conferencing and web entry tools offer a heavy duty alternative to Facetime, Skype or Hangouts.

GoToMeeting is outfitted with state-of-the-art features such as meeting scheduler, built-in audio, one-click meetings, personal meeting room, one-click recording, HD faces video conferencing, toll-free option, call me to join meeting, virtual whiteboard, drawing tools, desktop and application sharing, as well as hand over control.

GoToMeeting’s pricing plans are ideal for a range of budgets, from small businesses to enterprises:

  1. Free: The free plan, which can accommodate three participants, comes with features like web audio, one-click meetings and screen sharing.
  2. Starter: The starter plan, which goes for $19 per month, contains all the features of the free plan and can accommodate up to 10 participants. Other features of this plan include dial in the conference line and HD video conferencing.
  3. Pro: The pro plan, which goes for $29 per month, houses all Starter features and can accommodate 50 participants. Notable features of the Pro plan include drawing tools, mouse sharing, keyboard sharing, mobile apps, call me, recording and personal meeting room.
  4. Plus: The Plus plan contains all the Pro features and can accommodate up to 100 participants. The plan goes for $49 per month and comes with an active directory as well as Sightboard.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a simple, flexible, cloud-based platform uniquely designed for conducting online training, hosting webinars, video demonstrations, teaching online courses and video meetings. Zoom integrates online meetings, group messaging and video conferencing into one powerful cloud-based software. Whether you’re a small or medium-size business or a health organization, Zoom has got you covered with the ability to accommodate a maximum of 100 interactive video attendees and up to 10,000 view-only participants.

Zoom offers quality video and screen-sharing capabilities that improve collaboration among business teams and remote employees, enabling them to join a meeting and share content wirelessly. With optional extras such as improved storage, toll-free dialing and webinars, integrations with numerous services and apps (including Slack, HipChat, Salesforce, Blackboard, Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook and Dropbox), Zoom is packed with features to streamline your remote communications.

Zoom offers attractive features such as video webinars, premium audio, group collaboration, Zoom Meetings, integrated scheduling and cloud/local recording. Clean visuals and active voice detection, paired with a well-organized main video screen featuring simple mouse-over controls, make communication fast, efficient and smooth.

Zoom offers four basic paid plans, as well as a la carte add-ons to customize your experience.

  1. Zoom Basic: The Zoom Basic Plan is free and can host a maximum of 100 participants. The plan offers unlimited one-on-one meetings and comes with features like video conferencing, web conferencing, group collaborating and online support. With the Zoom Basic Plan, you can hold your group meeting for up to 40 minutes and conduct unlimited meetings. The plan is secure and exclusive for personal meetings.
  2. Zoom Pro: The Zoom Pro Plan, $14 a month, is ideal for small teams. Zoom Pro contains all the features of the basic plan, plus an admin control feature and custom personal meeting ID. With this plan, which can accommodate up to 100 participants, you’ll have unlimited meeting durations, 1 GB of either MP4 or M4A cloud storage for recording, Skype for business interoperability and a user management system. Zoom Pro houses features such as reporting, REST API, as well as assigned schedule.
  3. Zoom Business: The Zoom Business Plan, which is ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses, runs $19.99 a month, per host. The plan supports a minimum of 10 hosts and comes with all the features of the Pro plan. With Zoom Business, you can hold conversations with up to 100 participants. The Business plan comes with workplace-focused features such as phone support, optional vanity URL, single sign-on, custom emails and company branding. Other features of the Zoom Business plan include an admin dashboard, on-premise deployment option, managed domains and LTI integration.
  4. Zoom Enterprise: The Zoom Enterprise plan, which goes for $19.99 a month per host, is ideal for large enterprises and supports a minimum of 100 hosts. Zoom Enterprise includes all the features of the Business plan, can accommodate up to 200 participants and comes with unlimited cloud storage and a devoted customer success manager. What’s more, the Zoom Enterprise plan features executive business reviews and bundle discounts on additional features.

Optional Add-ons

  • Zoom offers the following optional paid add-ons:
  • Extra cloud recording storage for about $40 per month
  • 323/SIP Room Connector starting at $49 per month
  • Join by Zoom Rooms which starts at $49 per month
  • Call Me which starts at $100 per month
  • Add video webinars starting at $40 per month


Zoom can support an array of integrations including Microsoft One Drive, Kubi, Box, Slack, Salesforce, Firefox, Google, Pardot, LTI (Canvas, Backboard, Desire2Learn, Hipchat, and Moodle), Okta, and Facebook Centrify. Even more, Zoom can also be integrated with systems like:

  • Google Drive and DropBox
  • Skype and Microsoft Outlook
  • Acuity Scheduling and Microsoft Active Directory
  • RSA, Eloqua and Marketo
  • Hubspot and Zapier
  • Infusionsoft and Intel Unite

GoToMeeting can integrate with business systems as well as applications like Slack, Zapier, Podio, ICRM, Salesforce, Hatchbuck, and Acuity Scheduling. Other systems that can be integrated with GoToMeeting include:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Hatchbuck and Accord LMS

Overall while both platforms have compelling features, pricing and design, we give Zoom the slight edge.

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